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Old Business, New Business, Never Forget the Business

I’ll let ABC News do most of the talking.  I’m busy watching the news.

I would just like to ask… Please, never forget the people we still have overseas, in danger.  I have family in the armed services, 2 of whom were able to come home from their tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, both of them, safe and healthy.  Not everyone has that same blessing, and our troops still need our prayers, love, and support.

My cousin, Joe, during his tour of service.

The old business of bin Laden is over now.  If there are any retaliations, our troops will serve.

My cousin, Jeremy, during his tour.

The new business?

The troops will serve there, too.

And whether I believe in our presence in those other countries…. is immaterial.

I support our men and women in service, and wish them ALL  a safe return home.  We can never forget all that our troops do to secure our rights to live free, to believe as we wish, and to speak out about our beliefs without fear of persecution. 

I am free, to write exactly as I wish, here on my blog.  And I owe that to every American soldier that has ever served. 

I will never forget.


16 thoughts on “Old Business, New Business, Never Forget the Business

  1. Agreed. Not much more to say, really. It’s taken this nation many, many years to learn the lesson of separating the warrior from the war, and the war from the politics. I’ve many warriors in my family…as well as friends who are currently serving and those just entering service as well. And I thank each and every one of them–past, present and future–for the gift of freedom they’ve given us, sometimes at extreme cost to themselves. We must never forget.

    • I’ve had family in service, in one capacity or another, for many generations back, on both sides. Grandfather, father, brother, cousins, uncles, etc. I don’t understand those that criticize the soldiers, when they’re the ones fighting – and DYING – for the protester’s right to protest! *shakes head and walks off*

  2. I have no family in any of the military branches, but I have always honored our soldiers. It doesn’t matter if I agree with the reasons for them being sent where they go, they serve with honor to protect our freedoms and I hugely appreciate them for doing what I myself couldn’t deal with.

    I have my own ways of contributing to their efforts and personally thank those I come in contact with. Please tell your family members that I appreciate them and their efforts! *hugs*

    • I was able to send some treats to my cousin Joe while he was overseas, but I haven’t seen either one of these guys since they were little kids. Thank goodness for Facebook, I’ve been able to keep up with them!

      • Let me know if you are going to put another care package together … I’d like to help out.

        I sent one to an Army unit years ago (I think in early 1997) when anyone was able to send packages easily. Lots of snacks, movies, and books. The fellow I was corresponding with via email said the stuff lasted all of about 2 seconds! The sent me a really nice letter and a “certificate” for “supporting” them.

        I though it was really cute and was flattered because my only reason for sending the stuff in the first place was to let them know that someone other than family was thinking of them. It was nice to hear how much they appreciated that. 🙂

    • I will definitely keep your brother in my thoughts and prayers. May the Gods stand between him and harm, in all the dark places he must walk.

      • A brief history of my GI Joe brother:

        He was in Iraq chasing a car bomber when he hit a ditch and turned his knee inside out. The car bomber won’t make any more car bombs, and my bro didn’t let on that there was something wrong with his knee. All the ligaments, cartlidge and some of the muscles had detatched from the bone and started reattaching elsewhere by the time the military caught on.
        They sent him to the US for surgery and assigned him as a recruiter in Portland while he healed. He HATED it. As soon as he could, he was in South Korea on the border running the drone spy planes into North Korea. When N. Korea sent off that rocket last year, my bro was hustled out of S. Korea and ended up here for a 2 week visit before he was stationed in Colorado. He HATES it. He’s supposed to be there for another year, but he hasn’t shut up since he got there so he’s going to Afghanistan at the end of the month.
        The joke is on him, though. He thought he was going to be out in the field with his men, but he has to stay in a guarded compound and direct his men from there. Apparently, the Army doesn’t want to risk his capture.
        I’m very proud of my brother. He’s still the funniest person I know. But, he can’t be my FB friend, he can’t have my phone number, he can’t have or do anything that can trace him back to his family. We don’t really know what he does or where he is and occasionally my mom gets middle of the night phone calls from him where he says, “I’m alive” and hangs up. Then we see stuff on the news and know where he is/was. It’s kind of a terrifying life for us (he loves it) and I’m thankful for any prayers you can offer.

      • Wow. Just wow. o.O That WOULD be a terrifying way to live, and I’ll not only keep him in my prayers, but your family as well, since you guys have to live in such LIMBO all the time.

        All I can say is if/when/however you get to see/talk to your brother next? GIVE HIM A HUGE HUG FOR ME!!!

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