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10 thoughts on “The Brain Buster

  1. *hugs* I hope you have something milder than the crap we got … I’ve been out of it for over a week and have had to resort to antibiotics. Sending happy thoughts for swift healing!

  2. I thought you told me you were heading to the beach to soak up the sun, drink margaritas, and chase cabana boys around…….oops…..sorry…..was I not supposed to reveal that little secret? πŸ™‚

    • Ok, Mr. Smartypants.
      1. I freckle something chronic in the sun, besides looking like a boiled lobster after 5 minutes! I’m so pale, I glow in the dark!
      2. I don’t drink. Haven’t had alcohol in…. oh… since about 2001, so, 10 years. Half a glass of wine-COOLER, and I’d be under the table, singing sad emo songs!
      3. I don’t chase cabana boys. Scratch that. I don’t chase. And “boys” are not my style. I am SO not a cougar.
      4. And as far as the beach is concerned? Oh MAN! What I wouldn’t give to spend a few hours in the sand on my favorite stretch of beach right about now. It was always good for what ailed me, whether it was a cold, acohol-induced influenza, or just a case of the “Blahs”.

      Nope, I was actually holed up in the house, blankie tucked in all nice and cozy, cat-napping through a migraine, yesterday. Not the best way to spend the day, but, at least I got caught up on some much-needed sleep. Now? I’m ready for a weekend of yard-work and room-cleaning! And then, evenings full of sleepin’ wherever I crash.

  3. Sun, margaritas and cabana boys?! And you didn’t invite me…I’m crushed! πŸ˜‰

    On a more serious note, I hope you get better soon. It’s no good being sick when the weather is finally getting good!

    • Oh, it’s lots better, now. I get migraines from time to time, either from stress, hormones, allergies, what-have-you. But give me a day to sleep it off, and I’m usually back up and vertical the next day. Not moving quickly, but at least vertical. πŸ˜‰

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