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YoungerDaughter’s Perfect Circle

YoungerDaughter is in awe.

In awe of the perfection of Anderson Cooper.

From his perfectly coiffed and flawlessly silvered hair – to his “porcelain doll” skin (as she refers to it), she has this obsessive fascination with him. 

I think she’s wondering if he was a genetically engineered to be immaculate.

In fact, I just told her that I was writing this… and she said “He’s just so CLEAN“!

We were flipping through channels on Friday night, searching for something to watch, and we passed by a commercial for his show “Anderson Cooper 360”.  YoungerDaughter shrieked when she saw him and made me go back to that channel just so she could stare intently as he spoke into the camera.

I don’t think she heard anything he said.

Matter of fact, I don’t think that she’s ever heard a word he’s ever said, instead, she sits, mesmerized, whenever he comes on the screen – and all she hears is the static of white noise in her head as he moves his lips and smiles into the television screen.  The blankness of her stare is almost “droolworthy”. 

Rather like watching the fanaticism of other teenage girls sighing and drooling over such idols as Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, and Jared Leto in My So Called Life, back in the 80’s and 90’s (NO, not me, of course not! Wait… what?)

And, she has a theory that when he gets his clothes out for the day, even if it’s wrinkled… as soon as he puts on his suit?  The wrinkles simply disappear at a disapproving glance from him, because they can’t exist in a world where Anderson Cooper does.

I’m worried about her.

What happens, someday, when she realizes that this man is just an ordinary human being, with the same human traits as everyone else?  When he steps down off the pedestal that she’s placed his “Perfect 360-circle-ness” on… and reveals that he has bad habits like… leaving the toilet seat up, or …… using the last of the milk and not telling anyone, but putting the milk jug back in the fridge, empty…. or maybe even *gasp* he bites his nails?

Or, is he simply, as she thinks – a flawless, bad-habit-less, perfect human being?

And what would “Himself” say?

“The world reacts very strangely to people they see on TV, and I can begin to understand how anchor monsters are made. If you’re not careful, you can become used to being treated as though you’re special and begin to expect it. For a reporter, that’s the kiss of death.” ~Anderson Cooper

He’s humble, too, along with being really smart and well-spoken. 

Maybe YoungerDaughter’s right?  Maybe he is genetically engineered to be perfect, or maybe… he’s just really cool.


7 thoughts on “YoungerDaughter’s Perfect Circle

  1. Back when he was the host of The Mole on ABC, those of us on the Mole forums called him Android Cooper. Remembering his humble start helps take a bit of the shine away. 🙂

    • LOL! I didn’t realize he was the host of that show. Hey, at least YoungerDaughter has chosen someone that seems pretty intelligent and well-read to idolize… and not someone like Charlie Sheen! *shudder*

  2. Tell you daughter that Anderson is a cool dude and all….but he farts and burps just like the rest of us….. (just not on camera) 🙂

    • NOTHING seems to change her mind about him! I told her that he said he used to chew his nails… which she HATES… and she said “Oh, well, I used to chew mine, too…” So, he’s excused. But anyone else? Nope. She’s fixated! LOL 😀

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