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Freaky, Fractured, Frazzled Friday

When I was a teen, there used to be a special song on the radio every Friday.  The local radio station would find some obscure, funny, totally off-the-wall tune, and play it as the “Freaky Friday Fractured Frazzled Fuzzy Fast Fun Fabulous Record!”

I… absolutely loved it, of course.

It’s been a while since I heard some of those songs, of course, but, the weirdness goes  on in my heart and in my head.  And so, I give you… Freaky Fractured Frazzled Friday Fotos!

YoungerDaughter finally gave me permission to use this pic on my blog… “but not on Facebook, Mom!”  Well, honey, the blog posts to my facebook page… sorry… ok, maybe not.  I think it’s a good picture anyway!  This was from our mother/daughter movie night, when we were watching the Princess Diaries 2!  No, you don’t get to see me in a tiara.  That picture was scrapped.  Ha.

The next picture?  From the same night!  This is YoungerDaughter again, only this time, she was giggling like a mad-woman, and hollering out “I’m an ameoba!”  So, I did what any sensible mother would do…

I grabbed her by her feet and pulled her down the hallway on her back.

Younger screamed so loud, I thought she was going to wake the neighbors, but when I stopped, she hollered for me to “Do it again, Mom!  That was FUN!”  So… I spun her around, and dragged her down the hallway, the other way.  *shrug* What else would you have done?

This was OnlySon’s face when I told him we were going to get Dairy Queen the other night.

Can you tell we don’t go to DQ often?

Well, actually, it was kind of a shock, since we’d already had McDonald’s for supper.  We were celebrating OnlySon bringing his math grade up out of the cellar, from an F, to a respectable C.  Hey, I suck at math.  This is an accomplishment in my eyes.

This picture, well, I just thought it was kind of cool.  I took it through my windshield at the park the other day.  It was raining pretty hard at one point, and in spots, the water was over the streets here in town.  I didn’t get any pictures of that, though, because I was driving back to work, and couldn’t stop to snap any shots.

  It kind of described my mood at that point, as I was in a rather melancholy moment right then.

But!  I got over it….. as the next picture shows fairly clearly!


Ok, so there’s no frosting on it here… but I promise, it’s DELICIOUS and CHOCOLATEY.

It’s Texas Chocolate Cake, and an old family scratch-baking recipe.  This is the cake that my kids ask for on every birthday… it’s the cake that my dad always wants me to bring on the holidays, and it’s what I’m taking to the office this afternoon as a treat for my co-workers.

There will be frosting… oh yes, there WILL be frosting.  Homemade Chocolate Chip frosting.  

And of course, since it’s from Texas *wink, wink, Mark*… there are NO CALORIES in this cake or the frosting!  Ohhhh, so sorry, Mark…. FedEx won’t let me ship the cake… something about it being perishable?? Or maybe it’s the whole “death by chocolate” threat?? Oh well… MORE FOR ME!

Happy Friday, my friends!  And may all your Fridays – be FREAKY FRIDAYS!


5 thoughts on “Freaky, Fractured, Frazzled Friday

    • LOL! I’m going to post the recipe later this evening for anyone that wants it. I think I’ve copied this recipe for other people so many times, I could probably almost recite it by heart… 🙂

  1. Damn you FedEx!! Damn you!! Can you mail crumbs in multiple envelopes? Nice looking kids you got there! Must take after their Mom 🙂 Happy Freaky Friday! 🙂

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