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This weekend was a lesson in simplicity.

I pretty much didn’t leave the house for most of the weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Maybe a little too much.

Friday after work, I hustled home, to find that I was on my own for a while.  YoungerDaughter went to a friend’s house for the night, and I had 3 hours till OnlySon came home from his dad’s, so I sat down and worked on the novel.  I’m going to make myself work on it a little every night, because I want to finish it before my birthday, in mid-June.  This is going to be my birthday present to myself.  I WILL do this.

Once OnlySon got home, it was just him and me at home, watching movies, with the kid comandeering my new phone to play Angry Birds.  He is now completely addicted to the game, and grabs my phone every chance I let him.  He also brought home some “Flubber” they made in school, and was blowing bubbles as large as his head with it.  I kept waiting for it to explode all over his head, knowing that I’d finally have a chance to cut his hair – then… it didn’t happen.

Saturday, OnlySon got invited to a friend’s birthday party, and spent the whole afternoon swimming.  YoungerDaughter worked, so I was on my own.  Did I take a moment for myself, to go indulge in something fun?  Uh…

No.  I went shopping for groceries, so I could fulfill my latest urge to be a domestic diva.  Yeesh.  When I got home?  I rearranged some furniture, hung up a shelf in my room, and put my dad’s wooden train that he had as a kid on it.  This little train has been a prized possession of mine for as long as I can remember, and it’s survived multiple moves.  I know someday I’ll pass it on to one of my kids… but I just can’t let go of it yet! 

I also got a picture hung that I’ve been trying to get up on the wall for a couple of years, but was afraid that the frame would be too heavy for my plaster walls.  YoungerDaughter drew this for an art class, it’s a reproduction of a picture of  her, from when she was 2.  This kid is an amazing artist.

It’s done in pencil.

I’ve asked her to do portraits of Eldest and Only… I’m still waiting!

These things might not seem like much, but they gave me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, in that I did them myself, decided where they’d go on my own, and…. simply did it. 

I didn’t have to argue with anyone about whether they were going up or not.  That in itself is worth it. 

Saturday night also saw OnlySon getting his bi-yearly haircut.  His hair was such a tangled, awful mess after swimming all afternoon, I told him it was getting chopped.  He, reluctantly, agreed.    He went from “Surfer Dude” to “Yuppie” in about 45 minutes, and left enough hair on the kitchen floor to assemble himself a small cat, or maybe a large chinchilla.

(Personally, I actually like it better when his hair’s a little longer, but it’s just so impossible to take care of it when it gets that long, so – off it comes for the summer!)

We also, took on the task of cleaning OnlySon’s room, on Sunday, and got it re-organized and scrubbed in just a few short hours.  In compensation, OnlySon and I baked a double batch of Nestle’ Toll House Cookies.  He was loving being able to help put the recipe together… oh, and getting to lick the beaters wasn’t a bad thing, either!

All in all, it may not seem like much of a weekend.  But, I got to do a few simple things, like hanging up shelves and pictures, making cookies, and cleaning… and I got to spend time with my children, in a relaxed, happy space of time.

We just kind of chilled out… all weekend.

And it was – simply wonderful.

Oh, and the cookies aren’t half-bad, either.  Ok, so that’s an understatement.

They’re delicious.

And now, my cookie jar is full of cookies, and my heart is full of wonderful, happy memories.

Simplicity at its best.


4 thoughts on “~Simplicity~

  1. Onlyson and my kid would get along well…… though my kid is not usually happy and smiling after his bi-yearly grooming appointment……. You really had to post pics of the cookies didn’t you?!! Cruel Brea! Cruel!! 🙂

    • LOL, he was smiling ONLY because I told him he could have a cookie! And Mark, I’ll make sure there are baked goodies for you and Tyler when you guys get to ND this summer- promise! 😀

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