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At the Bottom of the Sea

So, some time ago, I promised that I’d post some pictures of OnlySon’s room.  About 3 years ago, I painted his room how he wanted it.  With the theme of “Under the Ocean”.

Here’s what we got!


Seaweed by the door, complete with bubbles.  Behind his bed?  Is an underwater volcano that EldestDaughter painted. 

 Directly above his bed, is some of my favorite seaweed.  This was so much fun to paint!  And right under the window, is an angler fish, who’s “lure” is the crank handle for the window.  It even glows in the dark. (Glow in the dark paint!)

Turning to my right, we have a coral hill, with various inhabitants and some different style of seaweed.  The white fish have glow in the dark paint, too, as do the jellyfish.

Directly behind the dresser, is a Great White Shark, and some more jellyfish.  What you can’t see, is near the floor, there’s a Greek Ruin with statuary that glows in the dark.  But… the furniture had to go somewhere, so that’s covered up now.

And, on the last wall, we have another coral hill, with different types of seaweed and more fish, including the rays that YoungerDaughter painted.  My favorite, though?  The robber fish that swims near the ceiling, right in the center.  That one I did free-hand, from a small picture, and I’m still completely tickled that it turned out as well as it did! 

One of the best things about this room, is that the ceiling was done with a texturing technique that mimics water ripples, so when I painted it blue, it actually ended up looking as though you were looking up from the bottom of the ocean, to a watery scene above as well. 

When I was a kid, I always wanted to paint my room with pictures, scenes and murals.  I was never able to.  So, when I finally got into a house of my own, I decided that if my kids wanted “theme rooms”, I was going to make sure they got them.

And I still love their rooms.

They were so much fun to do, and the kids were thrilled, each of them, with their various themes.  Someday, they may want something different, but I haven’t heard that from any of them yet.  And, I’m happy to leave them just the way they are.


15 thoughts on “At the Bottom of the Sea

  1. That is AWESOME! I’ve always wanted to do some sort of mural on my walls when I was a kid. That really hasn’t changed over the years, but I still haven’t gotten around to taking the time to do it, though I keep thinking I’m going to do a butterfly garden in my daughter’s room. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to actually get off my duff and do it.

    • Oh, it is SO MUCH FUN! I love painting. I’m a total dork for it, but I love it! I’ll have to see if I can find the pics of YoungerDaughter’s “Enchanted Forest” room and post those one of these days too… of course, now her walls are pretty much coated in BOY POSTERS. eesh.

  2. That room is sooo cool, Brea! Ya’ll did a great job on it. I personally would be a bit bummed painting over it. In my home, I’ve painted by hand all kinds of vines, butterflies and of course…faes. But it’s time to repaint. All my walls need total over hauls and well, I must admit that some of the ivy is going to stay. Not sure how I’m going to get around it, but I’ll figure something out. My kids all had theme rooms. One was a total barn yard scene when the little guy was young. It of course got painted over when teen age (a bit earlier) hit. My Ivy is 17 and is not thinking about another theme she wants…this might be a bit…scary. LOL!!

    • LOL, I told my kids that if they ever decided they wanted their walls re-painted, that it was going to be SOLID COLORS next time, and THEY would be doing some of the work. I love the painting, I truly do, but any more will be done with assistance.

  3. That is way cool! Darling daughter had a sunflower themed room when she was younger and living here … she did most of it with vines around the window and closet doors and a blue ceiling complete with clouds. It’s since been painted over but was pretty neat … not as neat as your son’s room though. 🙂

    • LOL, it was a collaborative family effort, the girls helped quite a bit! YoungerDaughter’s room has clouds on her ceiling, I have to find the pictures and post that room too.

  4. Can you come paint a picture of a pool on our backyard grass for D’Aun? Please…… 🙂

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