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Fair warning – this was written a LONG time ago, and most of the references are personal.  Dedicated to my friends, back in that little town.  You know who you are.

Jammin’ – One Hazy Summer

May the road rise up to meet you
May the sun be always at your back
May the wind be gentle breezes blowing you to your destiny
And may the songs always take you
High Enough.
The Beginning
Ever notice how sometimes, you can lose days, weeks, and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, whole months?
Well, call me lucky, cause I lost a whole summer once.  Not because of blacking out, or sleeping it away, but because everything blurred together, taking my friends and me from one space in time to the next.  We just never seemed to realize that time was passing; just that one minute the sun was going down, and the next, it was coming up – knocking on the windows and scaring us out of our shoes.  Sometimes scaring us into them.
But we survived.  We thrived, knowing that sunset was only miles away.
The Summer
Of days gone by
Summer fun
Beaches and sun
Sand in the backseat
Cooler in the trunk
Girls in the front seat
Happy and drunk
From too many summer songs
And to much summer sun
Cruisin’ in the late afternoon
Till long after the moon had run.
Roadtrippin’ to Martin
Racing the trains
Sitting on Main Street
Frying our brains
From too little sleep
And too much booze
Dancing under raingutters
How could we lose?
Rock-n-roll blurs
The days went by
Playing the summer
“Damn Yankees!” we’d cry
Under blankets we hid
Not ashamed; just sly
We-be laughin’ at life
Never thought to be shy.
Fireworks and rain
Our season combined
On top of a world on fire
Sunrise knocked- we’d answer, resigned.
So we’d tip out of bed
And head straight for the sand
To rest a weary head
And bring our feet back to land.
Everything thrown in together
We always had our share
Even though we never seemed to know
Just quite when we were where.
Rushing from moment to
Slipping from oops to
Loving every minute
We never saw wrong in it!
We danced in basements
To music unhearable
We kept our circle tight
Goodbye was unbearable
Tanning our days
We crowned our nights
No reason for cliques
No season for fights
Baseball caps
Guitar picks
Drum sticks
Pounding out our memories
Etching them in stone
We wrote ourselves some legends
For one wild summer, WE were the ones who shone.
The Ending
The road rose up and met us
The sum was always at our backs
The wind took us gently to our destiny
And the songs always took us
Still make us
And will always lift us
High Enough.
~November, 1990

7 thoughts on “Jammin’

  1. YES, YES, YES!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! TOTALLY made my Friday!!! Now where did I put that Crown….. = )

    • LOL, Mark! I was 20 when I wrote this. But, sadly enough, I did witness children drinking from time to time up here. All under the “watchful” eyes of their parents… you know, to make sure they didn’t “hurt” themselves… sick.

    • Thanks. It was tempting to change things from back then that I wouldn’t have written in that way now… but as I told a friend, then it wouldn’t be an honest poem from the person I was then. So, it stays exactly as it was, errors and all!

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