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And Now, The News

This is going to be just a quick post, just a little something to fill until my brain is a little more awake.

*It’s been a tough couple of days, as the water’s still present in our city, even though it’s been going down.  There’s still a lot of water waiting to be released from the lake upstream, so it’s predicted that we’ll have high water until July.  It’s not supposed to be the huge issue it was a few days ago, but still. 

*Because of the water, and my extreme exhaustion from fighting it, I’m not going to hit my deadline for the book.  I’m pushing the deadline back to July 4th.  I hate that I couldn’t finish the book before my birthday on this Saturday, but it just wasn’t in me.  Barring any other natural disaster, however, I will make the new deadline.

*I’ve lost one friend in the last week, and gained another.  More on this later…. possibly.  I’m not sure I’m ready to share that just yet.

*EldestDaughter’s boyfriend had an accident on Monday, head and neck trauma due to passing out and hitting a table with the back of his head.  Things worked out alright in the end, but it was a very scary night, and a long, sleep-deprived one.  I really, really hate hospitals.  I’ll elaborate on this story later. 

*My life is finally starting to settle down.  My personal emotional balance is returning as well, as I get things into a schedule, and finalize everything.  I hated being so up in the air, not knowing where things stood and not having a handle on any of it.  I don’t always have to be in control of everything, but there has to be at least one thing in my life I can call my own, can control.  It’s been a while since I could point to one area of my life and say “I got this”.  Now I can, and it feels pretty wonderful.

*I’ve met someone. 

And that’s the news.  Good Smurf, and Good Night.


8 thoughts on “And Now, The News

  1. Wow … that’s a lot! I look forward to “hearing” about the details you are willing to share. 😉

    Very happy for you that you are feeling more balanced … I really hate the “off’ feeling times. *hugs*

    • Thanks, my friend (HUGS). I’ve been so unbalanced emotionally for so long, due to the divorce, that it’s really good to start feeling “normal” (whatever THAT is!) again.

    • Thanks! Well, he’s definitely not Charlie Sheen, at least I didn’t SEE any Tiger’s blood in his beer… as far as the serial killer thing? Hmmm… you never can tell, can you, till the neighbors come forward and say.. “But he was such a nice QUIET man… uh, no. He’s not quiet (totally sarcastic – YAY!), so I think I’m good!

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