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Let’s Take This Outside!

YoungerDaughter and I went out to eat on Friday night, to celebrate the end of a tough week, the beginning of a long weekend, and just… well, surviving the last few weeks.  OnlySon was at his father’s, so we made it a girls’ night, and hit our local Denny’s.

One of the problems, lately, for the restaurants here in town has been that, due to the flooding, and the water system problems, they can’t use water out of the taps for serving the public.

This means… no washing dishes, no glasses of water, and even, no fountain pop.

So, how does this change the “dining experience”?

Paper plates and plastic forks.

Styrofoam cups and cans of soda, instead of glasses of fountain-poured drinks.

And you know what? 

It was  so much fun!

Like a picnic, without the ants and wind-blown grit in the food.

And, the atmosphere was light-hearted and easy-going.  The servers joked around, and were so relaxed, it was one of the best meals I’ve had out in a long time.

Of course, the company wasn’t bad, either.  YoungerDaughter is a hoot to hang out with, and we always have fun together.  She was having breakfast for supper, but kept forgetting to ask for things… like the eggs she wanted, and a plastic knife to cut her pancakes.  I swear she had about 5 plates sitting in front of her by the time we were done, just because they kept bringing her stuff one by one. 

I think, seriously, that someone should start a “picnic diner” business. 

Keep the tables and booths, but put the red-checkered tablecloths on them.  Plastic silverware and paper plates and cups, instead of having to wash dishes all the time.  Plastic “outdoor” grass on the floor, and even yellow “bug lamps” for lighting. 

And rather than using trays to carry everyone’s food?  Use picnic baskets!

Wait staff wouldn’t have to worry about trays being knocked over or spilling, and all the food could be packed in the baskets and delivered straight to the tables, to be unpacked.

AND, when everyone’s done, everything fits back in the baskets, to be carried back to the kitchen again… no muss, no fuss!

Now, I don’t know much about running a business.  Matter of fact, I know ZIP about it, other than the fact that it’s extremely complicated and involves lots and lots of math, which I completely suck at.  But I love new ideas, and thinking about ways of doing things different from the norm, and I think this idea could be really cool.

And, if anyone reading this decides to start these restaurants up?  Let me know!  I’ll be Customer #1.  PICNIC DINING!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Take This Outside!

  1. I am so thankful that I got to visit your fine city back when you were still able to use actual plates and cutlery in your finer eating establishments….. 🙂

    • It really actually was! And you would be the person to ask – how well do YOU think a “picnic diner” would work? LOL!

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