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FFT- The Longest Walk

The Longest Walk

The walk down the hall was probably the longest walk in Gillian’s life.  She knew what lay at the end of that short trail, and it was either going to be her downfall… or her salvation.  And that wonderful clicking noise Stacy was making with her tongue against her teeth didn’t help, either. 

Impatience, thy name is little sister.  Gillian’s mouth curled up in a small smile as she remembered the way Sam used to tease Stacy whenever she’d get in a hurry.  Sam had had the patience of a saint, and Gillian had always thought he’d gotten all of it out of the family, leaving Stacy with none to spare. 

“What’s so funny?  Nothing about this is funny, Gillian, so you can just wipe that smile off your face, now,”  Stacy’s face flushed red in the cheeks, and she pushed her unruly hair back out of her face once more.

“No, it’s not funny, Stacy.  I’m just remembering, is all.  I’ll go in now… alone, if you don’t mind?”  Gillian raised her eyebrow at the young woman, waiting for her response.

“Fine.  Do whatever you want.  You always did, anyway.  I’ll be in the kitchen,”  swinging  her ponytail back over her shoulder, Stacy spun around and headed off to the left, never looking back.

Gillian watched as the blonde stomped off.  She’d tried, at least.  Stacy would be Stacy, it seemed.  Turning back to the hallway before her, Gillian took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and headed for Sam’s room at the back of the house.

The door stood slightly ajar, and Gillian peered through the cracked opening, seeing the edge of the bed just beyond and inside the room.  The light was muted slightly, held out gently by the roman blinds shading all the many windows.  However, the room was still bright enough to see that someone was, indeed, lying in the bed, covered by a light blanket.  Sam.

Gillian pushed the door slowly, hoping it wouldn’t squeak like it used to and wake him up too soon.  She didn’t want to disturb his rest, but she had to see him.  Even if it was just this once.  Even if he threw her out.  She had to see him.  Tell him the truth. 

Please, let him hear me, let him understand… please.




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