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The Rockets Red…

I hadn’t planned on posting anything today, simply because I’ve been really lacking for postable materials going on in my life.  Or at least, anything I felt was “post-worthy”.

But, I received an email at work today, that shook me up.

I haven’t really cried over the awfulness of the flood since this whole mess started 2 months ago.  I guess I hadn’t had anything that had really affected me, personally, to the point where my stronger emotions were hit. 

Until today.

This, is a slideshow of OnlySon’s school, taken yesterday.  All 3 of my children attended this school, home of the Ramstad Rockets, and… well… I guess it was just that last drop of water that overflowed my cup.

***(the link has been removed, as it’s broken)***

There have been a lot of awful stories, as well as a lot of hopeful ones, here in my city.  The stories run the gamut between folks who’ve lost everything, like my boss; and people who are finally able to move back into homes that only sustained minimal damage; to the really fortunate ones, like myself, who only had a little ground water seep in, or didn’t get affected at all.

I’ve been listening to the stories, watching the news, viewing their personal pictures that they post on facebook and that they send through emails.  But watching the slideshow of my son’s school… somehow, for me, that tipped the scales. 

And so, for today, I’m pretty much done.  I’ll be back when the sun shines in my head again.


2 thoughts on “The Rockets Red…

    • There are bad moments, but there are good ones too. I’m going to post about one of them later, try to show some of the balance.

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