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17 and Counting

I’m reposting one of my former stories today, because this is my YoungerDaughter’s 17th birthday today. 



My middle child, my “Jan”, is joy all wrapped up in a teen-size package. When she giggles, the whole world joins in.

Which is funny to me, considering most teenagers are anything but joyful.  But what can you do?  There are simply some people that put the room in traction when they get their silly on, and she’s one of them.

And this darling girl almost wasn’t.  When I was pregnant with her, she seemed to be perfectly healthy, and the fact that the pregnancy went “without a hitch” caused the doctor to not order an ultrasound.  And the fact that her birth weight was 7 lbs. 10 oz. was perfectly normal as well. 

But, during labor, it was discovered that not only was the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck TWICE, but it was also tied in a granny knot.  My baby girl was born as blue as a smurf, and was lucky to have been born at all, due to the timely work of the doctor.  He also told me that if it hadn’t been for the fact that she had an “extra long” umbilical cord, the knot would have pulled tight months before, and she would have died in utero.

My little Leo, who won’t let anyone talk her into anything she doesn’t want.  She is fierce, and tough, and knows exactly what she wants and how she’s going to get it in life.  She is practical and cautious, both with money and her heart. 

She is also a little “blond” at times, and can be very gullible.  I had to desensitize her to sarcasm early on in life, as she had a tendency to take EVERYTHING literally.  And sarcasm is such a huge part of our family’s modus operandi… She gets it now, and dishes it perfectly ~ with a twinkle in her eye, and her dimples showing.

And something about this kid…. just makes me giggle with her.  She’ll say something, completely innocuous, in all innocence (I think), and it sets me off.  I get the giggles, which gives her the giggles, and I end up hanging onto her for balance, and so I don’t pee myself.  Tears roll down my face before I’m done, not because what she said is so funny, but because she giggles, and then I giggle, and then she giggles, and so I giggle…. You get the picture.

My other children are just as precious to me, for different reasons, and I will blog their stories later.  My “technicolor babies” (they hate it when I tell the story).  But YoungerDaughter, my middle child, my “Jan”, is my balance.  She holds me in the inbetween places, makes me remember that for as hard as she fought to live, I need to honor that, and live just as hard.

And then she giggles….


10 thoughts on “17 and Counting

  1. And I’m certain she wouldn’t be the wonderful girl she is today without you to guide her there. Cheers to you, mom, for doing an awesome job and happy birthday to The Younger Daughter!

    BTW… I got chills reading about her birth as it was eerily similar to my Baby Girl’s birth. May they both grow to be amazing women!

  2. My Ivy Vine is like your daughter, Brea. She is my world. Of course I love all of my children for different reasons and their different personalities, but I must say, that Ivy keeps me stable, somewhat “sane” and laughing. Sarcastic? Indeed..! ( I don’t know WHERE she gets it from..) but I don’t know if I could hold it all together without her. She is also my “middle” kid, but then again… who is counting? I’m totally sure you had a tremendous amount of influence in her life, but on the flip side, also I think that children are born with their own individual personalities to keep us “in tune” with our selves and our own ways. Perhaps we sometimes see in them, what we could have had or know that is indeed in our selves but don’t always show it… if ever? Just me pondering as usual. 🙂 Love you…

    • Hmmm, where could she possibly get the sarcasm from… I wonder… *rolls eyes and laughs*

      And I think you’re right, each child is a part of our own personality, and yet delightfully themselves. There are ways in which each of my children are me, and yet totally foreign. Means life in the household will never be dull, and usually a lot of fun! 😀

      Love you too, my friend in the mirror. XOOX

  3. Happy Birthday hugs to your beautiful girl! She clearly was meant to be with you (how scary all that must have been!) and I think it’s awesome that you two share something special. 😀

    • Oh, the doc didn’t tell me the whole story till AFTER it was over! He was a cautious kind of guy, and he’s now my EldestDaughter’s OB-GYN! Ironic, that, because she’s the only child of mine that he didn’t deliver, but still claims her as “one of his deliveries” because he was my OB-GYN for the beginning of my pregnancy with her, and was her pediatrician for years!

      But as to YoungerDaughter, yes, she really is something special. And I can’t wait to see where her strength, humor, and talent take her in life! 😀

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