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Mowing Down The Weeds

Lately my life seems to consist of little more than mowing down weeds – both figurative and literal.

Yard work has taken up at least 4 days out of this week, trying to get my back yard jungle in check, with the help of YoungerDaughter and a big container of weed-killer.  I think I’m going to end up having to defoliate most of the backyard, and replant new grass next spring.  The stuff that’s back there right now seems to be about 85% weeds, 10% monster-zombie grass, and 5% nightcrawlers.  I found a nightcrawler today that was a big around as my thumb, and almost as long as my arm.  Ewwwww…  almost ran over him with the mower… *blech* (OnlySon wants to go out now and dig him up – kid’s demented)

I also need to prune (hack to bits) some of the trees growing in my back yard, as they’re threatening to pull my chain-link fence right out of the ground.  My lovely neighbors (who got ticked when we put up a fence, even though it’s THEIR dog that likes to jump into OUR yard) refuse to acknowledge that the saplings are growing on their property, or to cut the saplings down, so it’s up to me to do all the dirty work.  Again.  yippee.  Ah well, at least this means I get to play with my chainsaw!


9 thoughts on “Mowing Down The Weeds

    • LOL, I’m always careful! Except when I’m in a hurry, or distracted, or listening to music, or breathing…. uh, thanks for the reminder. I’ll just go fetch my goggles and gloves.

  1. Good thing you are not an idiot….cause we are banned from handling chainsaws ya know….. 🙂

    • Hee hee, then I guess it’s a good thing my parole…er… therap… er… good thing I’m not being supervised this weekend!!

    • They MAKE the masks at Walmart, I think. There’s this little “shop” in the back, ostensibly for tires and oil changes… I don’t believe it for a minute.

  2. Oh, and the human skin masks that are sold at Walmart are Chinese (the lazy factory workers I imagine), but it’ll have the same effect on your neighbors even though it’s not caucasian.

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