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The Twilight Phone

My phone is an HTC Aria, by AT&T.

And I swear, it contains an App for the Twilight Zone.

*cue creepy music*

Because things happen with this phone…

When I first got my phone, it had to live in a box for weeks, and I think it resents this fact.  I mean, I didn’t have a choice, AT&T told me that if I took it out, turned it on, tried to connect to the outside world with it?  It’d self-destruct, taking my phone service, and probably a goodly portion of my house and dignity with it. 

Well… ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

But really?  Is that any reason to get mad at me?

Because I seriously think this phone’s either totally torqued off at me for leaving it to languish in cardboard limbo for almost 2 whole months…

Or it’s totally off its nut. 

I’m thinking the latter, in which case, it’s probably perfect for me.

When I first started using this phone, I thought it was pretty cool.  Lots of great storage, it worked with my SD card, so now I have mega closet space on my phone.  Plus, it takes very clear, sharp pictures, some of which have been posted on my blog, and look just as good as a regular digital camera.  Unlike the old Blackberry I had (that I loved and still miss, sometimes!), which, if you wanted any zooming, got really pixilated and grainy, this HTC Aria takes really sharp pictures, as well as some pretty nice videos. 

And the Apps that I do have on my phone are pretty cool.  I have a flashlight app, which has helped me find my keys on a couple of occasions; and a level app (my dad’s so proud of me for downloading that one!), which I actually used to hang some shelves and pictures in my house!  I also have the requisite Angry Birds, although I’ve pretty much stopped playing it, it’s still a handy “time-killer” when I get stuck waiting somewhere.  I also have music (free Pandora style, and FM radio, too), and, of course, my daily horoscope, and a moon-phase App, which tells me when to duck and cover because the full moon’s comin’!


That’s just the “bells and whistles” of a cell-phone.

Really, these things are supposed to be used for making phone calls, and receiving them, as well as taking messages while I’m unable to answer.

Does my phone deign to take on this onerous duty, and perform it to the best of its high-technology best?


Not exactly.

Truthfully, it does ring most of the time when someone’s trying to call me.  And even though it’s set on “vibrate” while I’m at work, somehow…. SOMEHOW, it still rings at the TOP OF ITS VOLUME!! PICK ME UP!! I’M SOME RANDOM STRANGER – I’M YOUR MOTHER – I’M THE SCHOOL – PPPPPPPIIIIIIIICKKKKK MEEEEEEE UUUUPPP!!!

Freaking loud-mouth rang the other day while I was at work… seated in front of some customers!  It just so happened to be my mom…

Whose ring tone, unfortunately for my dignity at that moment – happens to be the song “They’re Coming To Take Me Away – HAHA!”

Ever so embarassed, I fished the phone out of the location where I keep it… uh… close to my heart, that is… (hey, no judging!  I need to know if there’s an emergency with the kids, alright?  Alright??!?) And flipped the screen to “ignore” the call.

Luckily, the customers had a great sense of humor, and we were able to joke about it.


Anyway, that’s not the only weird thing.

There are dropped calls, that just fall off my phone at random.  No reason why, just *poof!*  and they’re gone.

And sometimes, I’ll hear a strange click – then static – and it seems as though the call’s been dropped, but when I dial the person back?  They could hear me – I just couldn’t hear them.

(Maybe my phone’s being tapped… time for the tinfoil hat?)

And then there are the missed calls… that I never receive, never get notified that they even happened, unless the person trying to reach me actually leaves me a message – which I then get about half an hour later!  This happens ALL THE TIME!

My phone.

My connection to the world outside my immediate geography.

Exists – at least part time – in the Twilight Phone… er…. Zone…

DOO doo Doo doo… DOO doo Doo doo… DOO doo Doo doo…. Deedleedlledeee…..


3 thoughts on “The Twilight Phone

  1. I think that is the same phone my mom got that has given her no end of headaches and problems. Lots of the same dropped calls and weirdness. Her biggest issue is that the phone likes to do random stuff to her while she is in the middle of a conversation, like trying to call other people, turn mute on and off, and the ever annoying, flat out hanging up. I don’t know if it is just her phone or the model, but after trying to have multiple really odd conversations with her, I’d just love to see her get a different phone.

    • I’ve thought about getting a different phone, but… all my stuff’s on this one!
      I know, lame excuse, I can always transfer stuff to the SD card and from there to a new one. I guess I just figure a weird phone fits my weird life.
      Next time? Maybe I’ll switch back to another Blackberry, but for now, Droid’s got me by the warranty! 😉

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