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Gallons and Gallons of Blood ~ Ewwww

When I arrived at work today, I was dressed in all red, white and blue, and it got redder as the day went on.

Why – you ask? 

Because we’ve been having “Morale Week” at work… basically a grown-up excuse to wear some fun costumes and laugh at ourselves and each other.  Life’s been stressful on the job, lately, between the “after the flood” stuff, and the housing market here taking a serious kick.  We’ve been working like maniacs, just trying to keep up, and everyone’s on kind of a short fuse.

And today’s choice was “Patriotic Day”.

We also had a potluck, with everyone bringing something yummy to share with the whole office.  My choice to  bring was cinnamon biscuits with frosting (a cheater’s version of cinnamon rolls!)  There was enough to feed all of us…As well as a whole bunch of other people – who came to our office for our annual Blood Drive for the local United Blood Services office.

Yep.  We had a Blood Drive at the office today!

And I hit a milestone – today’s drive put me officially at One Gallon donated! 

My boss has always been a huge advocate for blood donation, and organizes our annual blood drive at our office, inviting everyone she knows, including the realtors and lenders in our city, to come and give.  She’s been doing this since she was a teenager, and has passed her 100 Gallon milestone already. 

So, while I joked with a couple of co-workers about telling you guys all about the bloody massacre at work, today, citing horror-story cliches aplenty…

I’m still feeling a bit woozy from almost being completely drained.  The 4-foot spear the technician used to harpoon me with left me feeling a bit wobbly, so I’m going to leave you with these words:


8 thoughts on “Gallons and Gallons of Blood ~ Ewwww

  1. Good for you! Some lucky citizens out there will soon benefit from your bewitching donation 🙂

    • LOL, fixed. I have another friend that can’t stand the grammar fails, so I promised I’d fix them when I find them.

      And yeah, having a job that sucks the life’s blood out of you on a daily basis without actually insuring the continuation of ANYONE else’s life is a little different! RUN FROM THE NON-SPARKLING VAMPIRES, TOM! RUUUNNNNN!!!

    • LOL! I’m so used to needles, it’s not even funny. I had some genetic health problems a few years ago, and had to spend a lot of time at the hospital. Not. Fun. But I got used to having blood drawn, so, it doesn’t really faze me all that much anymore.

  2. Did you know the Red Cross sells the blood? They do. Every viable drop is sold. They used to pay “donors” until the 70’s. They say it’s for operating costs and that’s cool, but their execs make a very, very nice salary. They’ve lead a very good PR campaign, excellent really, to get volunteers. I’m not being a Debbie Downer here, I just don’t like the Red Cross. But I do understand that a blood supply HAS to be available to those in need (and so do they.) And if that’s the best we can do, that’ll have to do.

    • Yeah, I knew that Red Cross sells the blood. I’m pretty sure that United Blood Services up here does the same, as well, but at least I know that it’s going to go to someone that needs it. I’ve griped about them selling it, too, but like you said, it’s really the only game in town, as even our hospital here asks people to go the UBS to donate, instead of donating directly to the hospital.

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