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Hello, My Name Peggy…

You got problem?

I have decided that I’m going to change my name to “Peggy”, just so I can answer my phone like this!

These commercials make me giggle everytime I see them! 

One of the funniest things is, I used to be a telemarketer, so I know what actually goes on in some of the call centers that people get contacted by.  And there were days when it actually did seem to work like that.  You’d get someone irritated, or aggravated, or downright grouchy, and you’d ask them to “Please hold while I get supervisor”… and of course, your supervisor didn’t want to talk to someone that was just going to complain or yell, so they’d buck the call up the line again, and it would go ’round and ’round, till it ended up, ultimately, back in your lap.  Fun times… fun times… yeah, really.

So whenever I see the “Peggy” commercials, I have to chuckle.  Not just because of the ridiculousness of them, but also for the inherent truth I remember in the calls I had to take. 

One of the MANY reasons I got out of that biz.



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