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Just Some Amusing Stuff

Ahhh, the joys of human ignorance, that signs such as these have to be put up just so consumers make sure to get in the right lane at the checkout…  (Thanks, Tom, I had to borrow this off your page!)

I actually found this pic on the People of Walmart website!  This car is freaking cool.  Nuff said.

In other words, every call-in service center has these cats on staff?

OHMIGAWD!  When did they start selling BABY GOATS at Walmart?  What aisle are they in and HOW CAN I GET ONE??? 

Just a little something to put a smile on your face.  And mine!



3 thoughts on “Just Some Amusing Stuff

  1. LMAO! Even with the “15 is this many” graphic….people here can still not count…… 🙂

    • I don’t want to see the customers that have that many fingers… all by their lonesomes…. maybe they should’ve put up 2 hands and a foot???

  2. LOL

    A baby goat would be cool … but they grow into big goats. 😉

    Cool car. I saw a VW Bug a while back (one of the newer ones) and the owner (I’m assuming the 20-something girl driving it) had glued huge eyelashes to the headlights. Kind cute, but weird.

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