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I hate pictures of myself.

I really, truly, do.

Much more comfortable behind the camera, I’m the one that takes the kids’ school pictures every year, carries my camera to all the “functions” and “festivities”, and makes sure I have plenty of memories of everyone there.

Except myself.

Although, there is an exception to that rule.

Old pictures.

Most of the older pictures of me growing up, I have no problem with, because I see it as “someone else that looks a lot like my kids”.  And so, today, I’m going to show you some of my pictures from the time before the moon.  (i.e. 2 million B.C.)

Me, at about age 2. 

This is the picture that my friend, Mark, thinks looks like Tabitha from Bewitched. 


Maybe this next picture would work better…

This is me at age 5.

First grade, and wouldn’t open my mouth to smile, because I was missing too many teeth in front.

Yep.  I was blonde for a few years.  I blame it on my mother.  She was a platinum blonde most of her young life.  But I grew out of it eventually. 

 But not in time for 4th grade.

This was the first year I got to wear glasses.  I was so happy.

I was so young and stupid.

 I grew out of that, too.

 And now…

Skipping right over  the awkward pre-teen and horrible-hair years….

And going straight to graduation!

By the time I’d graduated, my hair was brown, and half-way down my back.  That was pretty much the last time I enjoyed having my picture taken.  And see?  Finally got all my teeth.

Now?  Whenever someone snaps a picture of me, and gods above and below forbid, post it to facebook?  I quickly “untag” myself.  blech.  But I suppose, there’s one I can post here, to just show you that I am not blonde, nor even brunette anymore…

Alright, alright



9 thoughts on “Blech

  1. Whoo! It’s so funny to see each of your kids in each of those pictures. The age five pictures reams out Only Son, the middle one is the spitting image of Youngest Daughter, and it’s easy to see where Eldest daughter gets her grin from looking at your graduation picture. Cool stuff!

    • YoungerDaughter looked over the photos, and agreed with you on OnlySon, but shrugged and said “I don’t see it” on the other 2. LOL, too close to the pictures, I think!

  2. You look good in your real picture! I think most people hate pictures of themselves. You probably know this, but remember that other people aren’t looking at it as critically and closely as you do. They just glance at it. You might want to flip through the tagged photos of yourself someday! Remember forgotten events and adventures.

    • Oh, thanks! I know that I’m really critical of my photos, but can’t seem to help myself. Someday, the more recent photos will all be “old photos”, and I’ll be able to look at them a little easier. Till then, I’ll keep “untagging”, I’m sure! Thanks for stopping by!

    • LOL! My favorite haircolor is actually called Clairol’s Natural Instincts – Malaysian Cherry. One problem, though, it’s really tough to find, and has been discontinued in a lot of places. It’s a little darker than what’s in the picture, and it’s (to me, at least) a little richer and more flattering to my skin-tone. My natural haircolor is a rather mousey brown, but it hasn’t been THAT color for YEARS! 😀 The color in this picture is called “Cinnaberry”.

  3. I hate having my picture taken too. Most of the pictures hubby has managed to get are those where I’m busy and didn’t notice him with the camera. Then there are those where I’ve turned my back and flipped him off … lots of those!

    I have to agree with Mark though … you are beautiful at any age. 😉

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