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Just Bits and Pieces

*No stories in my head today.  I’m exhausted from a fairly serious allergy attack I had at work, and my brain’s all fuzzy and unfocused.  My voice is usually fairly low, but today, even hours after I left work, it’s growly like a young man going through adolescence.  Minus the cracking and squeaking.  Attractive.

*I’m really tired of feeling as though I have to apologize to people for my allergies.  I realize that it’s warm in the office when I have to shut the air off, but if I don’t, my lungs and throat lock up tighter than a Swiss vault.  If they’d be willing to foot the bill for my emergency room visit for an anaphylactic reaction… well, that might be a different story.  Nah.  I’ve grown rather fond of oxygen.  You know what they say… “Once you try it, you’re hooked for life.” 

*This is also preventing me from my walking workout tonight.  I really wanted to get back on the treadmill, but I’m afraid I’d have to have the kids haul my worn-out carcass up the stairs with a rope, and they might just decide I’d be more fun at the bottom of the stairs, than upstairs, hollering for them to go to bed, already!

*I’m really starting to get excited about my trip to South Dakota coming up soon.  I’m going there to meet “K”, and we’re going to go to a Celtic festival/fair type thing.  Something different, not your run-of-the-mill first date at all.  But I guess that’s part of the allure.  I feel like I’ve gotten to know a lot about him during our talks on the phone, and he’s a really nice guy.  I don’t know how it’ll all work out, or even if it will, but I can’t wait around forever for someone who doesn’t seem to want anything more than a “flirt-buddy”. 

*My habit of picking exactly the wrong guys really kind of wears on me.  Good thing my computer’s got my back on this one.  There was someone, once upon a time, that I thought maybe, just maybe it could work out this time, but I was wrong – again.  Everything goes sideways, and I’m left on the outside, looking in – again.  Maybe I should take my friend, Max’s words to heart “No reruns, girl.  Never do reruns.  They’ll only bring you heartache and pain.”  Spoken like a true pirate.  I just wish…..


*Some of the ladies at work have tried to talk me into doing karaoke here in town.  One of them heard me sing a snippet of a song the other day, and has been pushing me to go for it.  I’m actually thinking about it!  SCARY!  I have horrible stage-fright.  I can teach a Wicca 101 class in front of a large group of strangers, but singing?  In front of just friends, maybe, in front of a room full of strangers???  Gah, I get weak-kneed just thinking about it.  Yeah, I sang in high school, and in college in a choir – meaning it wasn’t just me up there by my lonesome!  But, this is something that I’ve been scared of for a long time – my stage-fright – and maybe it’s time I fight my way through it.  Ack.  We’ll see.

*The kids have started back up in school.  YoungerDaughter is awash in all the things she wants to do this year, all the things she won’t have time for – but still wants to do.  She is up, chirping with the birds at the crack of dawn, cheerfully singing out her good-byes to me as she leaves, while I grumble and wave her off.  Frigging morning people.  OnlySon couldn’t care less, and struggles just to get himself out of bed in the morning.  I told him that if he can’t get himself out of bed after 10 hours of sleep, maybe he can after 12 hours, and we’ll back his bedtime up to 7pm.  We’ll see who wins this race. 

I’d bet on MOM.

Mom – out.




3 thoughts on “Just Bits and Pieces

  1. I hope you have a great visit with “K”……. Need I remind you that he has to pass the Idiot Seal of Approval Test before things can proceed…. You forgot that important step with the last guy and look how that turned out….. 🙂 Just sayin………. Have a great time! 🙂

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