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The Depot’s Lost and Found


Heart on the line, I’d tell the truth

If ever you would ask it,

I’d give it up, without a doubt

Presented in a basket

I”ve waited long, regretted much

For a chance to speak my mind

Even arguments have more spark, more life

Than any I’ve yet to find.

But time has passed, without a word

Of hope, or outstretched hand,

Confused in mind, tangled emotion

Not knowing where I stand.

Come claim this heart I offer now

For I won’t do so again,

If left, it is, at the Depot’s Lost and Found

I will not wait in vain.

My heart can’t sit, just on a hook

Left in disregard or disdain

If I must, I’ll take my chances

And I will get on that train.

4 thoughts on “The Depot’s Lost and Found

  1. Hi Brea, you have a nice blog here. I have a request though. You have used my artwork “Holding My Heart Out” above without my permission and without crediting me. I don’t object to your use of my art but a lot of love and hours went into creating it and it is frustrating to find it used without permission or credit to the person who owns it. Imagine how it would feel to find your articles or poetry copied word for word on someone else’s blog without a mention of your name or a link to your site and I’m sure you can understand what I mean. I’m sure it was unintentional and no harm was meant, but if you would like to continue to use it here I would appreciate it if you would please credit me on the same page as the artwork and link the image back to my website at http://www.taralemana.com. Many thanks – and peace to you 🙂

    • I appreciate the comment, and I’ve removed the artwork from the poem.
      I’m no longer writing on this blog, but have left it up for people to read, so I don’t mind taking the picture down.

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