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A Flair for the Dramatic

I must have been an actress in a former life, or possibly a movie director.

Which one am I? Uh, probably the chick on the ledge!

Because everywhere I turn, lately, there’s another drama playing itself out around me, and people who seem to think I have answers.

Uh, answers?  Not quite.

Opinions?  Plenty.

I try to keep them to myself, though, unless specifically asked.  And even when I do get asked for my opinion, I make sure to preface what I say with “If it were me….” and end with “…but that’s me, this is about you.”

Plain and simple, without naming names, I have a family member who has been going through a rather rough time, emotionally, financially, and physically.  “X” has been put through the ringer, some of it X’s own fault, and turned to me for a willing ear, and possibly some advice.

Advice.  I shudder at the word.

Mainly, because I was the unwilling recipient of a lot of unasked-for advice most of my life.  What I should do, what I shouldn’t.  What I better not, what I must.  It took me a long time to work out with my “well-meaning” family that if I wanted their advice, I’d ask for it, and if I didn’t, to simply keep their opinions to themselves, and not try to steer me where they thought I should go.

Because more often than not, even if it was good advice, the manner it was delivered in pretty much guaranteed that I would stomp off, head down and full of determination, in the other direction.  Because I was just that stubborn.

Push me, and I’ll push back.  Push too far?  And I’m like that proverbial tree branch that snaps back and slaps you in the face, knocking you off your feet.  I’ve always been a little bull-headed about going my own way.  At least now, I get all the facts, first.  And I do actually ask for others’ opinions, most times, before deciding.  But I make up my own mind what I think is right for me.  No one else knows what that is, but me, so there’s no one else that can make that decision.

And besides, I’ve always been kind of a “purple alligator in a herd full of sheep”.  Slightly left of center is my comfort zone, so that’s where I operate best from.

And yeah, I still get over-dramatic on occasion.  Usually, when I’ve repressed some feeling to the point where it all just rushes to the surface like a geyser, venting steam and high, hot emotions all over the surrounding area.  Taught at an early age to “keep your cool, turn the other cheek, and let it go in one ear and out the other”, I was forever “going off” on those around me when I’d get upset. 

I’ve tempered the flares somewhat over the years.  Maturity will do that, given enough time, and people who will hang in there, even after you’ve royally told them off once or twelve times.  It’s good to have people who truly care, even when you’ve been a total jackass.

And now, I can see the same being repeated, down through the genetic structure, and I know that I came by my reactions honestly enough, as do other members of my family.  It’s not a pretty thing, but it’s something I can usually talk X out of when I see it coming on, now, having gone through it myself, it’s easier to recognize in others.


It has a way of sneakily worming its way into your life, burrowing in under your skin, and pushing you to say and do things that you wouldn’t on an average, no-nothing day. 

But it also teaches you how to help others deal with their own “flair for the dramatic”. 

Of which, there are plenty of us out there.

This is why I want the bumper sticker that says


Buckle up.


9 thoughts on “A Flair for the Dramatic

  1. I’m a lot like you … I get extremely annoyed when family or friends give “advice” I haven’t asked for. I’ve noticed that in general men are worse for this than women (and I get there are reasons for that) but regardless of who it is my first reaction is “Did I ask for your opinion?”. I don’t usually blow up at them, but that may not be a good thing … maybe if I did some of them would quit!

    Drama is something we could all use less of. I hope things are settling down now. *hugs*

    • LOL, actually, the worst “offender” was my mother. But we hashed that issue out years ago, and now I even call her from time to time and ask for her opinion. I think she was SHOCKED the first time it happened, but now she takes it in stride. (I secretly think she giggles to herself afterwards, though)

  2. I’ve grown to believe that everybody – EVERYBODY – has a flare for the dramatic. We all just are dramatic about different things. It’s been awhile, and I am sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve had my own drama to figure out. LoL I love the sticker! Love you to pieces!

  3. Total Mirror Image. My own problem?? I have the drama right now. Or at least what I consider drama, but it is very real everyday life that happens to some. Something that can’t be helped, but am called upon to help others through theirs. You wrote about the tree branch? Oh yes, I know of that well, my Dear Friend. And it snaps back sooo hard. Whop! Never knows what hit ’em. :S
    It’ll all get better. Faith.
    Love you past peanut butter and strawberry jam on reallllly soft bread. 🙂

    • Oh, there’s drama, and then there’s DRAHHHMAA. I got me some of both going on, both with family, and in my own sideways life. But you know? Just when the storm really seems at its worst, and I’m scratching and clawing my way up from the bottom of the well… something comes along that just smooths out the wrinkles and lines, helps to sew up the tears in the fabric, and allows me to smile again. I know what that “something” is, and I’m grateful.

      Love you past all the half-melted marshmallows in really toasty hot cocoa – in a BIG mug. 🙂

  4. Indeed.. Exactly!! I mean, when one thinks it is at it’s utmost worse, something Does happen that makes me think.. Okay, I can handle it and take the slugs and punches and all that is thrown at me, because I’ve had the Faith through it all and that I can. Does that make sense? Of course there have been times I want that tree branch to spring. Can’t say I don’t or I would be lying and I don’t lie. (shrugs). OMG…now you make me want to dig through my cup boards.. I KNOW I have at least instant cocoa with marshmallows. Not the same, but in a pinch… it’ll work. Nuke for only half time. Noooo.. just do it on the stove…if I remember what a stove is. Lately since the little stroke thing… well.. I’ve sort of taken some short cuts. LOL!
    XOXXO… Keep the Faith My Brea!

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