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Foaming at the Mouth

I’ve been a little under the weather lately, with a virulent form of throat rabies.

Otherwise known as strep throat.

Exhausted, I’ve been wobbling in and out of consciousness since last Tuesday night.

But, the drugs have finally started to kick in, and I’m starting to feel better, good enough, in fact, to go back to work today.

I’ll try to write something a little more substantial later, if I don’t fall asleep over my laptop tonight.

Hope everyone’s well, and getting lots of vitamin C out there!


7 thoughts on “Foaming at the Mouth

    • Thanks! I really am feeling better, got my voice back, for the most part. Just waiting for the niggling cough to quit, and I’ll be good as ne…well, not “new” but at least back to norm… uh, not normal, either, I guess… Well, I’ll be better soon! 😀

    • Ugh, I don’t actually get things like this very often, usually just a cold or the seasonal flu, which I can usually be up and around within a day or two. I absolutely hate being laid out for almost a week straight! But, it is getting better, day by day. Thanks! 🙂

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