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The Sweet Spot


I got to spend a really nice evening last night with EldestDaughter and one of her best childhood friends, “KH”, as well as KH’s new, 3-week old baby boy.

And, snuggling that lovely little infant reminded me of how it had been when my own were that small. 

The squirmy faces, the desperate grip of their tiny hands, the fierce warmth they radiate as they snuggled in by your neck.  That sweet spot, tucked at the base of their skull, that holds that almost magical, enticing scent of “baby”.

And I suddenly realized, as I beheld this minuscule miracle…. that I’m glad that it’s the next generation’s time to live with this newborn wonder of life.

I’m glad that I get to hold and love up the babies.  It’s great to spend those moments talking softly to this tiny human being in my arms, singing lullabies, and rocking slowly in place.

And I’m glad that I get to hand them back to their mamas when the time comes.

It was one of those relevatory moments… an epiphany of my priorities. One of those “been there, done that” moments.  And while I can look back, and say “Yes, I do miss the times when I got to do those things with my own babies…” because they were very sweet moments, I am no longer envious of those other new mothers.

I am past the point in my life now where I might once have thought, “Well, maybe, someday, just one more.”

And it does not make me sad.

It might be a little bittersweet, but soon, there will be a grandchild that I can snuggle, hug, and love.  And that is a sweet spot in my life.


One thought on “The Sweet Spot

  1. Yep…. The first time I held my newest nephew…. I felt that twinge of wanting another kid….then I was slapped back into reality by having horrific images of “the kid’s” room….which would not be suitable for the elephants at the zoo to safely live in…… and then I came back to reality…. 🙂

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