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Versatility or Indecision?

Recently, life has been a little strange, crazy and just down-right nuts.

And I’ve been lax in catching up on my blogging, and on checking in with my bloggy friends/family.  But wonderfully, my friends have kept up with me!

When I started blogging, this was a release for me, a way to talk about things that were:  a) too long to write about on Facebook, b) too controversial/upsetting for certain family members, but which I needed to write/vent/explore, and c) random flotsam and jetsam that wandered through my grey-matter late at night.

I started with 1 blog, and ended up with 6.  One of which is a story blog I share with my friend and sister, Sparrow.  All of them are listed on the right-hand side of my home page, if anyone cares to check them out.  (The Water blog is locked, as it’s a classroom, but not currently in service)  And as much as I have these other “rooms”, I post mostly here, sharing what I think about, feel, and write about with my fiction.  This is the infamous “catch-all drawer”, and I’ve met some really cool, funny, smart people since I started using WordPress.

I don’t know if what I write here is truly representative of a spirit of versatility, or if I’m simply the poster-child of a Gemini -indecisive and running in a million different directions at once, with the gamut of posts I put up here, but one of my friends, DragonFae, over at Among the Crystals, Dragons and Fae, gifted me with…

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thanks, Fae!

And now, for the rules… (RULES??  There are RULES?? GAH!)

  • Post a link to the Versatile Blogger who gave you the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself that are not widely known.
  • Nominate at least five other bloggers. 

Ok, so I already posted the link to Fae’s blog, and she’s a compassionate friend, and a sweet and wonderful lady who writes with honesty and humor.  She’s a fabulous member of my Blogfamily, and I’m proud to belong to hers.  Check her out!

Seven things about myself?  Pshh, I’ve shared an awful lot about my life and past here already, so give me a minute to come up with a couple that I haven’t already written about…..hmmm…

1.  I used to want to be a ballerina.  Stop laughing.  When I was a little girl, my mom put me in dance classes, and I actually took tap-dancing and ballet.  Hey, I was only about 4 or 5 at the time, and the tutus were a-frickin-dorable.  I kept one of them for years, until it was finally shredded by one or the other of my pets.  Cat?  Dog?  Mice?  Hamster?  I can’t remember, one of them, anyway.  I do still have one of the practice records (yes, pre-cassette tapes & cds, that’s how old I am) for my tap class, and I’m hanging onto it, along with all the other records I have, to give to one of my kids someday.

2.  I know it might sound un-American… but I hate Thanksgiving.  It’s always been a trigger-event for me, because bad things always seem to happen then.  I won’t go into it here and now, but just drawing closer to that date makes me want to “turtle up”.  I wish, just for one year, that I could tell my family that I’m staying home that day, no big meal, no driving long distances, no visitors.  Just me, my kids, a warm fuzzy blanket, and a marathon of movies.  Sounds like a great way to wipe the turkey-doo off the calendar.  Besides, as a kid, the whole day was about setting the table, eating till I was sick, clearing the table, washing the dishes, and not being able to watch anything on TV, because all the guys were passed out in front of some football game.  All while dressed like a girl, in a dress, which my mother knows, I absolutely hated.

3.  I have a tendency to ramble… and end up off track.  It’s that whole “A to Q to pizza to blue” thing I have in my head…  Some of my posts end up waaaaaaay off topic from where I start them.  It works with my fiction, sometimes. *shrug*

4.  I also have this terrible tendency to “blurt” things late at night via text and Facebook.  Terrible “open mouth-insert foot” effect.  It’s a little like drunk-texting or drunk-dialing, except I’m not chemically impaired, just sleep-deprived.  Something about the sun going down, opens my head and lets my brains fall out. Ack.

5.  I used to be a girl scout.  Again?  Stop laughing!  I made it all the way to Junior Cadet before we moved to North Dakota, and they didn’t have it available in my town.  I even got to go to girl scout camp a couple of years in a row, and I loved it.  Even though one year I ended up with an ear infection so bad I was hallucinating, and had to be brought home early. 

6.  I also used to want to be a veterinarian.  But not just an ordinary, everyday vet… I wanted to only doctor horses.  I even did research on it, and discovered that the official term was “Equine Practitioner”.  And I used that term whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up… I laugh now, because it sounds like I wanted to practice being a horse.  That’s just the way the words look to me now.  Terribly stuffed with big words, I was. 

7.  I love morbid, scary movies, but for some reason?  They don’t scare me.  I used to be terrified of them when I was a kid, and would have awful nightmares if I happened to see even 5 minutes of a “spook flick”.  Slept with the lights on, I did, with my head under the covers and my feet on the pillows – hiding from the monsters, ya know.  Today?  I can watch the Exorcist without flinching (except for the pea soup projectile vomiting, that’s just gag-worth), I can sit through Sweeney Todd and laugh and sing along with the songs, and I can spend the night being entertained by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and others, without worrying about being kept awake later, watching the shadows in my room.  I even took YoungerDaughter to watch Paranormal Activity 3 last Friday, and loved it!  She ended up skipping the last 10 minutes or so, keeping her eyes averted after saying “I don’t think I want to watch this anymore.” 

And now, after that long ramble…

The nominees!  These folks are some of my greatest blogging friends, and they are all worthy of the award, so check them out, if you haven’t already!

First, is my lovely friend and sister, Sparrow!  Her blog, Sparrow’s Ramblings is full of stories about her life, work, her boys, as well as her random musings about her love of North Dakota and everything midwestern.  She’s a beautiful soul that I actually get to “hang with” in real life, and that is a wonderful thing.

Next up, my BigBloggingBro, Mark, aka the Idiot (in his own words).  He’s one of the funniest, most compassionate, and down-right craziest storytellers/out-and-out exaggeraters I’ve ever met!  If you want to laugh, every day, you have to get over there to The Idiot Speaketh.

Third, another lovely lady who I’m proud to call a member of my blogging family, Mckenzie, over at The Unabridged Girl.  She’s funny, sassy, full of awesome-ninjaness, and also happens to be the girl that got me started with Flash Fiction Thursday.  She’s an amazing writer, with an honest-to-goodness flair for descriptives and dialogue.  If you like the Great American Novel, you’ll adore this quirky and beautiful gal as much as I do!

Next up?  My beautiful friend, Regan, over at Soul Connect – 365 Gratitude.  She’s like a cross between a younger sister and a mirror image, in that we both have seemed to be experiencing some of the same things around the same points of our lives.  Parallel universes, anyone?  She writes from the heart, sometimes sweet and poignant, sometimes raw and brutally honest, but always from a place of searching for the healing in it.  She also has a great talent for fiction, and I’ve truly enjoyed reading her stories! 

And finally, but definitely not last, is my friend, Fox, over at Journey of a Wild Spirit.  She’s a mixture of compassion, laughter, and talent that knows no bounds.  She makes some of the most stunning jewelry I’ve ever seen, and posts them on her blog, as well as writing about life as she sees it.  Brilliant facets, all, she’s a gem, herself!  You have got to see how she works with silver and stones, it’s…. well, it makes me speechless, which is a feat!

To all my friends, thanks for hanging in there with me on this random, rambling journey.  It’s been almost 2 years now that I’ve been at this, and it’s been a wonderful trip.  Quite the scenic drive, if you can stand the “quick pitstops” along the way to gaze wonderously at the “Largest ball of twine in North America”-type tangents I go off in.

~Fini~….. for now.


9 thoughts on “Versatility or Indecision?

  1. Oh my, Brea! You have me all blushing and have sent my ego through the roof this morning. I am truly honored to be among your bloggy friends. Thank you! {{hugs}}

    • You are so welcome, and you totally deserve it. I’m constantly in awe of your talents, both in ‘smithing and blogging! 😀 (HUGS)

  2. Like the classic line in the film “Jerry Maguire”……. “You had me at Ack!”…… Actually, since I am known to exaggerate just a tad, I must admit you had me at “Recently..” on this post. 🙂 Many of you have not had the pleasure of meeting “Brea” in person. I have. I can tell you that she is everything you read on her pages, a sincere, honest, warm, funny, and amazing human being. I am proud to be her friend. Love ya Sis! 🙂

    • I’ve told my friends and co-workers time and time again about you… “He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, he’ll make you pee your pants, oh my!” From the first post to the last, Big Bro, love ya!

  3. I was a Girl Scout and wanted to be a ballerina when I was a kid too! Thanks for playing … even if I did sort of toss you under the bus. 😀 *hugs*

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