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Inward Bound

As the year draws to a close, and the weather starts to slide into the subarctic regions again, I turn in, to reflect upon myself.

It’s a natural, and unconscious thing for me, to start to become more introverted, introspective, as it gets colder, and the days get shorter.

I’m not sure if it has to do with the length of the days, or the amount of sunshine I don’t get everyday as winter draws ever closer.  It could be just that this is, for me, the time of year when I watch the world yawn, stretch out, and fall into a season-long slumber.  It could be the sense of isolation that is brought down from the sky with the hush of snow, and the sharp warning of slippery ice on the roads. 

Since I’m not big on the outdoor winter sports, I am usually found, indoors, finding quieter activities to keep me busy.  Writing, cleaning, working on my various art projects while I watch movies or listen to music in the background.

Whatever the cause, whatever the result, this is the cusp of my season of “navel-gazing”.  There are bound to be more philosophical posts coming… possibly less of the mundane, “everyday stuff” posts. 

The pool is deep, the water is warmed, and I am ready to sink into it.

Inward bound.

4 thoughts on “Inward Bound

  1. I tend to turn into a bear and hide in my cave. Winter brings different gifts. May yours bless you with the lovely ones you deserve.

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