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A Simple Kind of Girl

I generally don’t ask much of people.

Truth.  That’s the biggest thing I ask.  I don’t like liars, and can’t stand hypocrites.  I would rather have someone tell me an uncomfortable truth, than a pretty lie.  Truth is the only way I can decide what I need to do in my life.  If I don’t have truth, then it’s all just fake, and I don’t do fake.  I love fantasy for entertainment, not for my own real, everyday life.  Simple.

Respect.  I try to respect everyone for their differences, not in spite of them.  Everyone has different gifts and talents, and they need to be treated to common human decency (although the “common” part of that phrase doesn’t seem to be so common these days).  I expect the same from people around me.  If I’m going to respect you, and all that you bring to the table, then the least you can do is respect me, and my differences.  I’m not like anyone else, I’m original, and different, and special.  Because I’m me.  You are different, and original and unique, because you’re you.  You want the respect, you gotta bring it.  Simple.

That’s it.  Pretty short list, but essential – at least to me.  I don’t expect everyone I meet to like me, to find me fascinating, or even interesting.  I know that not everyone in the world that I meet throughout my life is going to like me.  And that realization doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I don’t expect to like everyone I meet, either, so it’s only fair.  These are deal-breakers for me, and I don’t back down.

I’m a simple kind of girl. 

And sometimes, that can lead to heartbreak.

There are people who love to play games.  They tell you one thing, talking a good game, and then go on and do something completely different.  They’ll lead you down the primrose path, all smiles and, if not necessarily promises, at least the strong illusion of positive intent. 

And I have a tendency to trust people.  I give my trust, at least superficially, right from the start.  I will give someone a lot of leeway, and second chances for what, at first glance, might appear to be an innocent unfortunate remark or mistake in judgment.  I can’t hold a grudge for long, and am willing to forgive a lot.  Prove that you’re worth the trust that I give, and you’ll be let in to the “inner circle”, and will be given almost carte blanche in my life.


Betray the deal-breakers?  Lie to me, show me that you’re a hypocrite, or disrespect me or the ones that I care about?  And all bets are off.

I might not hold a grudge for long… but that’s because I’ll cut that person from my life like a patch of diseased skin.  Slough it off and move myself away from them, both physically and emotionally. 

I’m a simple kind of girl.  Respect me, tell me the truth, don’t be a hypocrite, and we’ll be fine.  Break the rules?  And I’m done, gone, over and out.




4 thoughts on “A Simple Kind of Girl

  1. I am right there with you on all counts! When I first started dating after my divorce, I made a point of telling everyone I considered dating that they better be the person they are, and would still be 20 years from now, not the person they thought would impress me the most. I’d had beyond enough of the finding someone I thought I could really connect with only to find out that wasn’t who the person was when the newness all wore off. I want all the warts and scars to show, not just the polished surface. I want to know what I’m getting up front. I despise those that pretend to be one thing just to get your attention or to fit in. Life is too precious to spend so much time sorting through all the bull. The same goes for my friends. I don’t respond well to those that lie and have no respect for me. I especially dislike those that make promises and commitments that they cannot or will not keep as that just takes both of those and jumbles them into a nasty ball of yuk thrown into a relationship, which is about the worst thing you can do in my book. Here’s to being a simple kind of girl!!

    • Absolutely! 🙂 I’ve always believed that the only time you should make promises, is if you KNOW for a fact that you can keep them. Otherwise, it’s better to say “I’ll try my best”, or “We’ll see what happens”. I know those sound vague, but it’s better than a promise broken, at least in my book.

  2. A short list, but a pretty hard to put a check next to each item, as you also know for sure. But my list is pretty much the same too, it’s hard to be simple nowadays…

  3. I’m with you all … and while it may be simple to those of us who “get it”, Sadly, the moron I currently work for doesn’t seem to know what truth is … I’m sure you can imagine how “fun” that is.

    Brea dear, stick to your guns! *hugs*

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