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Ok, so I know I’m planning on being more positive next month.  Gonna post a good thing everyday, right?


Practice, practice, practice

Doesn’t mean I can’t still post the blahs I’m feeling right now.

Cause I am.  I’ve been working hard on smiling.  (I think I cracked a tooth doing that this morning, figures)

I’m working really hard on getting into the holiday spirit, too. 

Forcing myself to sing carols at the top of my lungs in the van on my way to and from work…

not mine, but same reaction

Much to the dismay of my children.

They just don’t understand…


Really, though – I’ve been working on my attitude, and there are times when things are looking up.

I’ve been working on crafts for family gifts, and that always gives me a sense of accomplishment, peace, and pride.  I love painting and sculpting.  I’ll post pics of what I’ve done this holiday season… after the gifts are given.  (Don’t know if any of the recipients read this, ya know!)

But, there are times, especially when I have to finish the shopping, and still try to maintain enough cashflow to get us through the end of the month… that just bring that holiday cheer down to a low grumble.

I’m working on it, alright?


3 thoughts on “Blah….humbug…

  1. *hugs* The reality of money and budgets certainly puts a damper on the holidays … downright sucks sometimes. I’m glad you are at least trying to find some humor in things though, and I hope your family behaves themselves at your gatherings so you can at least get some joy out of the occasion. 😉

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