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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…

Oh, What a Relief it is—– that the holiday is over.

Granted, I had a good time at the family get-together… mostly.

I did have an allergy attack from the onions that were put in the potato salad, which means that I had to use my inhaler.  Which I hate.  I can never figure out if it’s the inhaler, or the whole “not-breathing-right” thing, but I end up like a zombie after an attack like this.  I’m exhausted, and left feeling fuzzy-headed and spacey. 

Probably the lack of enough oxygen to the brain.

But then, many people would tell me that’s no different than any other day… so it must be the inhaler.

The family was all on their best behavior, and I kept my tongue behind my teeth as well, not dredging up old, worn out arguments.  (I’m really good at dredging, once you get me started.  I don’t normally pick fights – but I’m damned good at escalating them to nuclear proportions when my buttons get pushed!)

Then Sunday… ah, Sunday was wonderful.  My nephew was at the house for the day, and we had a movie marathon with much snacking and giggling.  The movies of the day were

1.  The Help – Awesome movie.  I recommend it to everyone.  EVERYONE.  Watch it.  I mean it.  Yeah, it’s mostly women in the movie, the men are only side-dishes… but that doesn’t make it a chick-flick.  It’s more about civil rights and the double standards of the 50’s… not just about the oppression of women, but also the hypocrisy of the 50’s southern woman oppressing “the help” in their turn.  Rather like the vicious cycle of domestic violence, it just keeps rolling downhill until someone stops it.

2.  Scrooged – Hey, it’s Bill Murray – it’s a holiday flick- it’s hilarious – it’s a classic!  My nephew had never seen it, so we had to watch it!

3.  Airplane– Speaking of classics… the nephew had never seen this either (HOW???)  So, once again, this was an absolute must.  The cable version is so pale and watered down in comparison.  The mother of all spoof movies, this is so politically incorrect I’m surprised they even show the severely edited version on cable anymore!

Sunday night was capped off with dinner with the man I’ve been seeing.  More laughter, with him joking with the waiter, and almost making me snort my soda out my nose.  He makes me laugh, and think, and blush – a lot… and the tale ends there.

Still, I’m glad the tension, the anxiety, and the anticipation are over.  Monday, my office was closed, so I spent the day catching up on household stuff and just vegging.  Recuperation is a wonderful thing.

Hope all of your holidays were festive, no matter the flavor!



2 thoughts on “Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…

  1. So glad everyone (mostly) behaved themselves at the family gathering … I know you were worried about that. We always watch Scrooged at least once during the holidays here … I LOVE Carol Kane as the naughty fairy/ghost!! Have a Happy New Year! *hugs*

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