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The In-Between Time

Right now, today and tomorrow… the whole weekend, really – is a space of “in-between” time.  A “Time-Out” from the world, from the year, from everything.  It’s the universe taking a deep breath between 2011 to 2012… in a way – both and neither.

Robert Fulghum, one of my favorite writers of all time, posted about this on his blog, and it really struck a chord with me today.

There are times, when we all need a Time-Out. 

Time to not “be in charge”.  Time to step back, slouch a little, galumph along through your day in jammies and slippers, ratty hair and no makeup.

Time to indulge yourself in a little self-absorption and inner reflection.

Suspended in this neither-nor time, you can do whatever you want, or nothing at all. 

Sitting on this cusp between now and then, here and there, you can take this time to breathe, relax and not worry about what happens next.  With our planet swinging out there in the blackness of the galaxy, does it really matter if you don’t leave the house for a few hours, get the groceries today or tomorrow, brush your teeth or comb your hair?  The planets will continue to spin, the sun will continue to burn, and the black vastness of space will continue to be a sucking vacuum,  so you don’t need to run yours to prove you’re busy.  Let the universe do that for you today.

Relax.  Take a Time-Out.

After all, you made it through the year – you’ve earned it.


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