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Wonder, true wonder, is almost always a surprise.  Something you weren’t expecting, that suddenly strikes your senses, and causes a feeling in you somewhat similar to that first sip of a fizzy, ice-cold soda.

Today’s wonderment moment is one of those pleasant surprises. 

When someone takes the time to notice the little things, to seriously pay attention, without necessarily calling attention to themselves about it, that’s something.

Someone I care about has been doing just that. Paying attention, being curious, about things in my life. I mean, it’s not like I really hide anything, but I’m not necessarily big on talking about myself when I’m not writing on here.  I’d rather hear about them, than hear my own gums flapping, I guess. 

The idea, however, that he was curious enough to not only click on my fb page link for this blog, but to also check out the other ones I have… makes me smile.

Paying attention.  Something I’m striving for myself. And I’m pleasantly, wonderfully surprised. 

I’m just not used to having someone who cares enough about the questions they have, to truly go looking for the answers. It’s a good feeling.


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