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Packing It In

I’ve been contemplating what to do with my blogs, lately.

No, I’m not talking about closing up shop here.

Really, I’m thinking that maybe I don’t need all the other ones… I haven’t written on most of them for months, and don’t see myself writing on them anytime soon.

Everything kinda ends up here.

So, I’m thinking I might just pack up all the stuff I still want to “keep” on the other blogs, and just repost it here, as a sort of “archive” for them.

*shrug*… just a thought…

It might be time for some radical changes.



4 thoughts on “Packing It In

  1. I was just thinking of going the other way – seperating out photography and fiction from my non fiction ramblings! I’m too lazy though and know it would consume even more time. As it is I spend so much time blog surfing and not enough time blog writing!

    • It does take lots of time- one of the reasons I’m considering the downsize option. But, it was fun when I had the time for it.

      Thanks for coming by!

    • That’s kind of my thought. It was fun when I had more time to devote to it all… but now they just sit there, mocking me. Time to wipe that smug look off their faces, I think.

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