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Pretty sure this will be his face later

OnlySon claimed this morning that he was up all night last night. 

Due to sleeping in extremely late yesterday, and “napping” later in the afternoon… *sigh* after I told him that he needed to get up…

I was a little shocked, but I guess upon looking back, not really all that surprised.

He was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning when I opened his door.

And I’m almost positive that he’ll conk out at some time during the school day today. 


*bigger sigh*

I have been having small shocks delivered to me by this youngest child of mine lately.

Shocks that hit me and show me that he is growing up, becoming a teenager.

Signs that I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for yet, but will have to deal with anyway, because after the first 2 kids… I know that they don’t wait for you to be ready for them to grow up.  They just do it, and drag you, kicking and screaming, along for the ride.

But there are also signs that tell me that he’s going to be a pretty cool grown-up.  Quirky, yes.  Different, definitely.  Compassionate, caring, loving and respectful?  Yeah, I see it.  Under that crusty, I-don’t-give-a-crap, teenager shell, there’s still my soft-hearted, loving and laughing little boy.  I may not be ready for him to get taller than me, which he’s zooming in on pretty quickly…

But watching him become a man is going to be something.

If I can get him to go to bed on time, that is!




2 thoughts on “Three

  1. LOL…when I read this post, I recognized all of it. Seems like that has been a daily occurrence in my world for the last couple of years.

    Now I am staring at that Empty Nest Syndrome coming down the pike. It’s still quite a ways off, but I can see it!

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