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An Apple a Day Doesn’t Stop the Bills


Gotta rant.

YoungerDaughter came home yesterday after school, bringing the mail into the house with her.

Doctor bill?

What the heck for?

Last time any of us was at the doctor’s office was YoungerDaughter and I stopped in to have a form signed by a physician for her trip to Spain, explaining how she treats her own migraines, and doesn’t require physician intervention.

Just getting a form signed…

When we finished the appointment, I went out to the main desk to ask how much the bill would be, and did they need me to put something on down on it, since we don’t have regular insurance, but a “secondary” policy… that wouldn’t cover this type of visit anyway?

“No, we’ll just bill you” was the response I got… odd, since usually they require a $50 co-pay on office visits at the time you go in… But… ok *shrug*

That was in November.  We didn’t hear anything in December, so I thought maybe the doc’s office had simply decided to write off the visit as non-billed, since all we wanted was a signature, anyway.  Stupid.

Got the bill yesterday.  A month and a half after service.

$95.00 for an autograph seems like a bit much, don’tcha think?




5 thoughts on “An Apple a Day Doesn’t Stop the Bills

  1. I can totally relate. I just got a bill from 2009, that Blue Cross was supposed to cover. The office had just processed it, after all this time about three weeks ago. We don’t even have Blue Cross anymore. SMH
    I feel for you, Sis.

    • Oh, Fae, so sorry. I honestly think if the hospital hasn’t processed the bill for that long, then they’re negligent, & should have to eat the cost. After all, you weren’t the ones at fault, that was them. If they wanted to get paid so badly, they should been on the ball.

      And, even if you still had the Blue Cross, they might not pay a bill that old, because of the time lapse.

      Don’t ya love the health care system??

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