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This winter has been unexpectedly warm, so far.  We’ve had temps in the 30s and 40s the last couple of days, with nothing really getting too far down below the zero mark.

The kids were bummed that we had a mostly-brown Christmas.

I’ve been ecstatic.

Warmer weather means smaller electricity and heat bills.

It means spending less on gas for my vehicle and worrying less about getting places on time due to bad roads and awful traffic.

It means I haven’t had to worry – yet – about getting a new winter coat… which I really need, but hate shopping for.  Also new winter boots.

This warmer weather has been a blessing for me.  With a smaller income after the divorce, it’s nice to catch a break, even if I do know it’s short-term and won’t last.  I’ll take the blessings where they fall, thanks!

I know the colder weather is coming… this is North Dakota, after all. 

But I’ll smile and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while I can get it!

One thought on “Five

  1. We’ve had a pretty mild winter as well. We have a ton of snow, and it’s not in a hurry to melt, but it hasn’t been bitter cold like it usually is. My electric bill was way lower this December than last, and for that I’m grateful.

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