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The Scene:  Sitting in the livingroom last night, watching random tv with the girls after OnlySon and FutureSonInLaw had gone to bed.

It was quiet, calm, everyone was winding down, and YoungerDaughter was getting ready to go to bed, having me french braid her 40-foot-long hair before she retired. 

Suddenly, EldestDaughter starts twitching and pressing her fist into her stomach.

“Ok – OW.”  Stretching and twisting a little, she worked to find a more comfortable position… but it wasn’t working.  LittleBuddha, the grandson-to-be, was pushing and shoving things around, making his presence painfully obvious.

Of course, I jumped out of my seat and crouched down next to the couch, shoving ED’s hands out of the way so I could feel the kicks and pushes myself, grinning like crazy.

Silence.  No movement. 

“Yeah,” ED grinned at me, “He does this.  He’ll be all kicking me and head-butting, and as soon as someone else wants to feel, he hides – the little smartaleck.”  (Wonder where he gets that from??)

Just then, he started to move and shake again.

YoungerDaughter came over and put her hand in place of one of mine.

Silence from within…

“Aww,” YD complained.  How come I don’t get to feel it?”  But then she looked up and said “Of course, if I do feel it, I’ll probably squeal like a little girl..”

Then the world moved in miniature.  Head-butting, kicking, possibly some happenin’ dance moves…

LittleBuddha got busy.

“Oh, sure, now he’s just showing off!”  ED complained, as he bounced around, knocking her internal organs aside.

Thoughtful moment:  I really am glad I am in the place I hold in my life.  I am 41 years old, a mother of 3, and soon to be a grandma of 1.  I don’t want any more kids, I’m happy with the ones I’ve got.  I’ll be happy to be “Gramma” when the time arrives.  I’m in a good place right now, even when the times are rough.  I’ve got a golden ticket, and it’s only a matter of time before I get to the all the sweet things in life.  It’s all good, and right now… I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Ok… so if I could win the lottery… I wouldn’t complain…



5 thoughts on “Eleven

    • LOL! LittleBuddha’s supposed to be here in early March. I had someone ask me the other day just how “alien” it felt to have something moving, purposefully, inside your body.

      Its weird, but at the same time, it’s just the coolest damn thing ever.

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