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I knew talking about something that was going so well was going to jinx it…

I just want to stomp my feet and say “Toldyouso! Toldyouso!” to myself.  Fricknfrack.

This little experiment of mine is almost to its half-way point, and I’m wondering how it’s going…

Went back and re-read some of my own posts for this month.

I started off well, positive and looking for something soft and sparkly about my day that would make me go all “puppy eyes” and say “AWWWW”….

Then, it seems that there was a downward slope in there somewhere…

Not too bad, a little mild ranting, some questions – albeit, thoughtful, mindful questions about the nature of the beast we all are as humans.

Like the question that’s mulling around in my brain ever since last night, and my daughters’ reversion to toddler-mentality status.  Yep.  daughters.  Both of them.

I’ve stated that EldestDaughter & FutureSonInLaw are now staying with us during the week, since the FSIL (future son-in-law) is now working out of this area, and she has to drive him up here at the beginning of the week.  It’s rather pointless and expensive for her to make the 75 mile trip 4 times a week to drop him off and pick him up, so she just stays.  (ED was laid off from her job a month ago when the business she worked for closed its doors)

All was going well until last night.

And I don’t understand it… well… I sorta do, but I don’t like it.

ED has been sniping at YD off and on, and it’s been mostly just our normal, sarcastic, light remarks up until now.  Last night it got borderline mean.  And I had to step in and cut her off.  YD was asking a simple question, nothing ornery, to clarify something she didn’t quite hear ED say.  And ED snapped at her. 


I so badly wanted to just go off, and tell ED to “Go to her room and cool off till she could behave”.

But she’s not a little kid anymore, and it’s not quite that simple.

Hands clasped in love - or trying to crush each other?

Also, I know for a fact that YD does do some of her things… just to get under ED’s skin.

Sibling love…. ain’t it grand?

I know that I have a love/hate relationship with my brother.  It’s the original catalyst that actually brought me to blogging.  I used to do things – ornery things like messing up his room – just to get a rise out of him (he was a neat freak).  He used to do things like hang my underwear from the ceiling fan while his friends sat in the living room, causing me to chase him up the stairs with a rolling pin and punch him in the mouth… while he had a mouth full of braces… (yup, turned the inside of his lip into hamburger)

I try really hard not to let the old past rear up in the present when I have to share space and time with him now, at family functions.  (Notice I said “have to share”?  Point in fact)

But if we have to be together for any length of time past an hour, usually, we end up sniping at each other like the old days.  (Ahhh, nostalgia)

And so now, I am dealing with this sibling rivalry, love/hate relationship once again – just from the outside in the position of mediator/referee/judge-jury-and-executioner.

Thoughtful moment:  Emotional Buttons can be more easily pushed by those who install them… So how do you get your children to disable the triggering mechanism from the explosives?  Something to ponder…


3 thoughts on “Twelve

  1. My kids lived together for two years after they left home. I do believe they got along on a day to day basis, but if I showed up for a visit, the sniping and fighting were on. I think no matter how old they are, they still want to be an only child when mom’s around.

    • My 2 girls are so different, and I know that there’s a lot of rivalry there… I can’t imagine them getting along long enough to eat a sno-cone in 100 degree weather, much less living together! Neither one of the little ankle-biters is innocent, and neither is totally guilty, but BOTH are driving me to drink!

      Of course, this might just be the “spur” that Eldest needs to get off the pot and really look for a place for her and FSIL to live up here on their own. I know there isn’t much available now, with the oil business going insane up here, but she hasn’t really looked, either. I think it’s time – but I think too that she’s a little homesick. Being 7 mos. pregnant and “I want my mommy” is tough.

  2. I think there are probably some external energies adding to the mix. The day you wrote this, myself and a number of my friends were commenting on the odd stuff going on,

    Each of us thought it may have been something local, but when we all started chiming in it became obvious it was something widespread … from here in SoCal to my friends in North Cali, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, and New York.

    The only thing I’ve been able to find to physically explain it would be a coronal hole on the sun that is causing the Earth’s geomagnetic field to be disturbed. It is supposed to be the strongest the 13th and 14th. *shrug* IDK, might be adding to the tension.

    Regardless the cause, I hope things ease up before you kill one (or both) of them. *hugs*

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