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Move through your days as though someone you love is always watching.  Who do you want them to see you being?

I’ve given this line a lot of thought.

It’s something that came to me a while ago, and I’ve used it on myself plenty of times.

Pick someone, anyone, in your life whose opinion matters to you.

Then imagine what you would look like through their eyes.

When you did that, what would they have thought?  Would they smile, frown, be puzzled, or angry?  When you said that, would they agree, disagree, cry, or be glad they know you?

If it was your child, would you want them repeating that?  Sometimes parents forget (yes, me too) that their children learn what they witness their parents doing.  Good behavior, bad behavior, off-the-wall, goofy behavior.  If Mom and Dad do it, it must be ok, right?

If it’s your parents, would they be proud of how you are standing up straight?  Walking with your head held high, or upset that you’re hunched over, hiding who you really are?

If it’s that “special someone” would they smile, and tell you that you look beautiful/sexy/happy today?  Or would they worry that you’d been dragged through the bushes behind a runaway horse… backwards?

If it’s the Goddess/God that you’re imagining watching over you, checking on your progress through your day, would you want them to smile and say “That’s my boy/girl!”  Or would they be shaking their heads saying “Maybe next lifetime… poor sucker”?

I know, that sometimes I get so lost inside my own head, I forget to be mindful of how I’m perceived by others.  Not that I’m trying to conform, or fit into anyone else’s box of expectations for me…

But that I want to be the best possible version of the honest me that I can.

And if that special someone was watching me, right now, I’d want him to be impressed.

And so, I say to myself… “Move like you mean it… someone’s watching.”


One thought on “Sixteen

  1. A long time ago I made a deal with myself that each and every night I would go to bed regret free. (Worry free is a different story.) Before I do anything stupid/childish/petty/unkind/thoughtless I ask myself if I’m going to regret it in the morning. Of course, there have been things I didn’t think I would regret, but later did and there have been things that I decided to swollow the regret and do it anyway, but for the most part, I do okay.

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