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Storm on the Horizon ~ Or ~ Apocalypse Soon

There’s a storm a’brewin’ on the horizon.

And I’ve been watching it for the last 5 months.

As it grows, gains strength, and swells, I can imagine the impact of this upcoming storm… the damage that could be left behind, and the estimated length of time and power needed to clean up afterwards.

I’m not sure is there’s a way to get around the storm.

I know I can’t fly under it… I’ve been through too many storms similar, and ended up drenched, scorched, and generally miserable… to do that again.

I can’t fly over it, pretending it’s not there.  It’s too large for that.

The only solution that I can see, is to prepare in advance, get plenty of water-proof coverings to keep down the waterworks, and just go through it.

Let me get to  heart of the matter, so you can understand where I’m coming from, and where this is all headed.

When EldestDaughter found out she was pregnant, her boyfriend and she decided that they were going to have the baby, and get married next summer.

ED’s Boyfriend’s mother thought differently. 

She wanted ED to have an abortion. 

She hounded, threatened, and cajoled, until I came unglued, and threatened to report her to her place of work (she’s a nurse) for harassment of my daughter. 

She also tried to get ED to take anti-depressants, citing the fact that since her child was bi-polar, that obviously she knew the symptoms, and she was positive that ED was also either bi-polar or chronically depressed.

Neither of which is true.

This woman has repeatedly threatened my child, albeit, my grown child, with vicious words and seriously disparaging remarks.

At Thanksgiving dinner, (which my mother invited the woman to) she made a comment about being “So thankful for the new baby that’s on the way”…. made me want to simultaneously slap her in the head and throw up at the hypocrisy.

Neither of which I did.  I kept my mouth shut.  (I know, I know, freaking miracle, right??)

Now, I’m planning a baby shower for ED.

And this woman has been going insane, wanting to “help” plan the thing, trying to force me to “hurry up and get it set up already!”

I’m having a really rough time simply reconciling the fact that this woman thinks that she’s automatically invited into my home for my daughter’s baby shower.

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this.

If I’m simply going to :

A)  Tell her off now, and end up having issues with not just her, but with the Future Son-in-Law for a Loooooong time…

B) Wait until the baby shower, and at the first sign of her opening her mouth – put her in a choke-hold and haul her ashes to the curb….

or C)  Just lie back and let everyone do whatever the hell they want??

Yeah…. it’s not going to be option C…..

My mom told me the other night just to “let it be, there’s nothing you can do, anyway.”


This is going to be in my home.  I am not just going to let this woman continue to steam-roller over everyone, myself, my daughter, or anyone else who comes to my home, just because she can’t control herself and get along.

I’m still conflicted on exactly how I’m going to handle this…. but I know one thing…

I can handle the storm when it hits.

Can she?



20 thoughts on “Storm on the Horizon ~ Or ~ Apocalypse Soon

  1. Since you’ve eliminated C…and either A or B will really have the same repercussions, I vote for A. After all, at least that way you might enjoy the baby shower…just sayin’.

    • Thanks, I think I’m going to have the party, see if she can behave herself, and if not, take care of it at the time. Quietly, offsides, so it doesn’t disturb the rest of the guests – hopefully. I do have people at work who want me to video it… but, I don’t think video evidence would necessarily be a good thing, for all parties…

      Actually, I would really prefer if we could all get along, all behave like the adults we’re supposed to be. But if someone else is going to start something, I won’t just sit back and take it.

    • Had to tell her the date, because she was driving ED totally nuts about it. But that doesn’t preclude taking care of business, if it becomes necessary.

  2. *hugs* Been there, done that. It ain’t fun, Not the same circumstances, but with the pushy in-law to be.

    In retrospect, and assuming a situation similar to yours, I’d probably extend an invite, but contingent upon her behaving like an adult. “my house, my rules” right? The result may end up the same as A or B, but if you keep your cool it could end up better. Stranger things have happened.

  3. As you’re handing her a slice of cake at the party, smile the sweetest smile you ever smiled and lean in and whisper “I know the things you’ve said and done to my daughter, bitch, and if you ever again hurt her or my grandchild in any way I will kill you and your entire family as they sleep. Kapeesh?” Then lean back, still smiling, and ask her if she’d like coffee with her dessert.

  4. Oh geez. As soon as the “A” word came out of her mouth she gave up all rights to the child, in my opinion. Do you have access to a cellar? Cuz that’s where I think she belongs.

    • LOL, I agree. I talked to ED about all this last night, and she told me “I honestly have to work at not remembering all the stuff she’s said to me, because when I think about it, I get all worked up, upset, and mad all over again.” She so doesn’t need or deserve that, especially being 7 months pregnant now, and it would just make things such a strain between her and her fiance’… but something’s got to be done. This woman cannot continue to get away with all the crap she pulls. And I’m just the person to put my foot down. 🙂

  5. Unless your daughter expressly asked you to include the woman, you are under no obligation to invite her. The majority of showers I’ve been a part of, we’ve left it to the person getting the shower to decide who she wanted there. Often, they would have more than one, each being hosted by different families or groups of friends. The whole point of a shower is for the person to be showered with love and gifts, not stress and grief.

    BTW… I absolutely agree that you need a really large shiny cake knife. You should also spend the whole shower carrying and waiving the thing around. 😀

    • 😉
      My daughter’s just one of those people who wants everyone to get along, and will pave over a lot of things, no matter if they hurt her or not, just to keep the peace. She can’t stand conflict of any kind. And it’s hard to leave this woman out at this point, because the only other people who’ve planned a shower for ED…. can’t stand her either, and won’t invite her at any cost.

      I actually hadn’t planned to invite her, but word got back to her from someone (probably the future-son-in-law), and she won’t let go of it now. Like a rabid feral dog…

  6. I bet that, in that moment, the perfect answer will arise, and it will stun her into submission.

    I wonder if you can set up an automatic grounding around the threshold of your door that will suck all of the negative energy out of her when she walks in the door? “Let none enter who will cause harm or distress…” is one way I found a warding worded.

      • LOL, like I told Sparrow, I have done that – for a friend’s house – I’ll have to get on it, and of course I’ll let everyone know how it goes… *cue evil laughter*

    • I’ve actually done that before – a “sink hole”, if you will, for unwanted energies. I’ll have to see about doing that…

      • “Sink hole” and “vortex of doom”….both really great labels for something that sucks off the unwanted nastiness. Love it!

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