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Thoughtful Moment: I remember Waaay more than I thought I did about the births of my children.  Talking to my pregnant daughter about the births of each of them has been an eye-opener.

I have stories about each of my children’s births.  Stories that I’ve told and retold through the years.

But going through EldestDaughter’s pregnancy with her has triggered memories that I’d totally forgotten about.  Little things, things that, as a mom whose youngest is now 13, have faded into faint memory.

But these old memories are now proving to be treasured information that I can pass on to my daughter. 

She’s a “tell me the nitty gritty details” kind of gal.  Always has been.  And so, she asks questions, which triggers the memories, and we talk.

And I get all those great memories back.

That is a good thing.


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