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Courtesy of the NASA website

I think the Solar Storm I’ve been reading about lately has been affecting my brain. 

Or, at least my mood.

NASA says that there will be more storms headed our way from our favorite star.

And that some of them will possibly be even more spectacular than the one we’re experiencing right now.

Places that don’t normally get to see them, are having night skies filled with aurora borealis, green and blue swirls and ribbons dancing across their skies.

That’s the lovely part.

Not so lovely, however, is the possible disruptions to satellite feeds, which nearly everything runs through these days.  Radiation, plasma, protons, all streaming out from the Sun, bombarding everything in its way, sending signals askew, or disrupting them altogether.

And, being the science geek that I am, I’ve been reading everything I can find about the “Coronal Mass Ejection”.  (I just love the way that sounds!)

I know that tides pulled by the moon can affect people.  They always say to watch the ER at your local hospitals during the full moon.  It gets crazy.  Both my daughters have worked at the local hospital, and they’ve confirmed it.  People act strangely when things out in space start goofing off with the status quo. 

Hell, even comets get people freaking out, thinking that they’re some sort of intergalactic public transportation vehicle to heaven.

So I know that the radiation, the satellite disruptions, the flares of plasma and protons, are all going to affect how people interact for a while.

And NASA says there will be more storms to come.

All the way into 2013.

Wear plenty of sunscreen, my friends.

And maybe a tinfoil hat wouldn’t be remiss, either?

Thoughtful moment:  Solar storms can be beautiful to watch, can be dangerous to get too close to, and can have effects long after they’re over.  Rather like a relationship.  Oh, that’s so a different topic, I’m not going there.



3 thoughts on “Twenty-Five

  1. I know the CMEs are affecting people in weird ways … the idiot drivers out here have been much worse than normal the last week or so, And one of my friends gets physically ill with the solar storms.

    And not to be a downer, but as if all that wasn’t enough there is also the Uranus-Pluto dance going on … culminating in a perfect square in June. Yeah, this year is gonna be a bumpy ride indeed. 😦

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