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For some reason, this number has always caught my eye.

Don’t ask, I have no idea why.

It just does.

Every month, for some reason, I find myself looking forward to the 27th.  Wondering what that day is – if it’s someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or a holiday…

And it almost never is.

Of course, YoungerDaughter’s birthday is on the 27th, but in July.

My anniversary with the ex was on the 27th of June.

The day we bought the house I have now was also on the 27th of June.

And those are the only real occasions I can think of that have anything to do with the 27th of anything.

But still, I just seem to be drawn, inexplicably, to that number.  It’s downright weird.

Yeah, 2 + 7= 9, and 9 is one of my lucky numbers, just as 7 is.  So?  Still doesn’t compute for me.

And yet, here I sit, today… wondering what’s so special about this day.  Today.  January 27th… there’s got to be something, right?

Thoughtful moment:  Sometimes I think I’m really living someone else’s life, just peering through the lens, like in “Being John Malkovich”.  This isn’t really me at the wheel, and I can step out of this if I can only wake up.  Then shit like this might make sense.

Or maybe I’m just completely cracked….. yeah, that could be it.

  Happy Friday, friends!

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Seven

    • Don’t you think they’d miss it? That maybe, they might want to check in sometimes and see how we’re doing in their life? Sheesh… I feel like Horton in “Horton Hatches an Egg”!

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