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Talked Out

There comes a time, when you’ve talked so long, and explained something so many times, to so many different people…

That you simply don’t wish to speak of it anymore to anyone else.

Yesterday was hard enough, just on its own, and then I had to explain to all the people close to us what had happened… and of course, I couldn’t just get them all in one place and tell them once.

Every. One. Had. To. Be. Told. Separately.

Telling and re-telling and re-telling, and re-telling….

I’m tired.

I’d like to hang a sign around my neck that says:  “No, I’m not talking about it, don’t ask.”

But then, of course, I’d have to hang another sign that says “And don’t ask what ‘it’ is either.”

If you were told yesterday what was going on, you’re up to date.

If you weren’t told yesterday… I’m not talking about it today.



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