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Blinkers, Blinders and Blindfolds

I was prompted by a comment made by a friend of mine on one of my blog posts yesterday.

Dragonfae said: “What is it with mothers in denial of all the nasty crap and the need to deal with it?”

I’ve given it a lot of thought.

Growing up, my own mother had a tendency to hide from things that she didn’t want to acknowledge.  I used to tell my best friend that if there was something outside herself that she didn’t want to see – she’d “slam the window shut on it”.  Actually, it was more like a steel wall coming down, blocking all visual, sound, every sense, really.  As though, if she could just block out all of the sensory information about it – it wouldn’t exist.

My mom had a really strong “Blindfold”.

The problem with that is that when you wear the blindfold too long – you end up squinting when it’s finally removed, shocked and disoriented by the light of the truth.  It makes it all that much more difficult to face the things in life that are right in front of you, and you are usually in it up to your elbows by then, because you decided you didn’t want to see it coming.

Then, there are the times when we all – me included – wear the “Blinders”. 

There are times when we’re so focused on what’sright in front of us,that we don’t see the mess coming from the side, or from behind.  Focusing on the task at hand is good, and gets the job done, but you don’t want to be so blind to what’s going on in the worldaround you that you get mowed over by something you didn’t use your peripheral vision for.

I’m guilty of that to a certain extent.  There have been things in the past that I got side-swiped by, simply because I was too focused, hyper-focused, on something else. 

But you can still end up “ass-deep in alligators” before you actually see the trouble surrounding you.

So, I think I’m going to practice being the last sort of person I pondered on today.

A “Blinker”.

Because maybe I close my eyes for a second, to re-orient my vision and perspective…

But at least I’m looking.  I’m seeing.  And I will know what’s going on around me.

I won’t hide behind a more convenient “Blindfold” or even the hyper-focus of the “Blinder”.

No more side-swiping, no more refusing to look at the hard truths…

Even if I don’t like them.


3 thoughts on “Blinkers, Blinders and Blindfolds

  1. Many hide behind the blinders because they do not want to face what is there but living life in the fullest is going through it with eyes wide open. We may have to “blink” like you said to readjust ourselves, but eyes wide open. Blessings to you.

  2. Yay for you! I call my mother’s refusal to see the truth “playing ostrich” … same stuff though. “If I don’t see it, maybe it will go away on its own.” But it never does. I too try not to be blindfolded. I’m not always successful, but I’m getting better. 😉

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