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Letter to Little Buddha

My dearest grandchild,

As we get ready to welcome you into this life, I wanted to share some things with you.  Things that I know, things that I think you should know, and some things that I hope will help you as you start out on your journey.

First – I love you.  Already, before you are even born and among us, I know that you and I will share a special bond – that of Grandma and Grandbaby.  This is a different type of bond than that which you will share with anyone else.  And it’s a wonderful thing, because there won’t be any obligations between us.  I’m not your Mom or your Dad, I’m the Gramma.  I don’t have to be the one who lays down all the rules that we will be breaking together.  I don’t have to be the “boss”, just the Gramma.  This means I get to spoil you, love on you, give you advice, hugs, kisses, sneak you treats when your parents aren’t looking.  We will have a conspiracy between us that no one can break, because I’m the Gramma, and that gives me certain unalienable rights of spoilage.  I’m going to use those rights to the fullest of my ability.  You’re welcome.

Second – I will always have stories to tell you.  I am full of information – both useful and useless.  I will be able to giggle with you and tell you silly stories in funny voices, I will sing to you and teach you songs that I taught your Mommy.  I know stories old and new, and can make them up as we go along.  We will make up stories of our own, together, and I can and will always be up for a good session of “Good Night Moon”.  Count on Gramma, I’ve got a million of ’em.

Third – There’s a lot of scary stuff out there in the world, and I’ll be there to hide behind until you’re ready for it.  Mommy and Daddy will be there to protect you, too, but there’s nothing like hiding with Gramma.  You will always have a safe place to run to when the world gets too much.  And Gramma likes to bake, so we can have treats while we wait for the scary stuff to go away.

Fourth – Did I mention that I love you?  You’re going to hear that a LOT, so just to get you ready for it – I Love You.  I LUURRVE YOU.  Loveya.  LOVE YOU, little one!  There will be hugs and kisses and spending money tucked in your pocket and special little presents – “Just because”.  I’m the Gramma.  I get to be all lovey-dovey and people just expect it.  Get used to it.  I plan to. 

Fifth – When you get here, there are going to be a lot of people vying for your attention.  Grammas get special privileges.  We get to be bossy and tell people “It’s my turn”, even when it’s really not.  I’m going to be hogging a lot of your attention.  I get the most snuggles.  Fact.

Sixth – I know this is getting to be a long letter, but forewarning – Gramma’s get to be long-winded.  We have long stories, and are older than your parents.  We get to talk till we’re blue in the face.  I’m not saying you have to listen to all of it, and in fact, I expect you to roll your eyes half the time when you get to be a teenager.  But I’m going to talk anyway… just because I can.

Seventh – I love you.  Just thought I’d remind you… in case you forgot.

Eighth – When you and your Mom and Dad get into arguments, or aren’t getting along, I’ll be there.  You can pour all your troubles out to me, and I will listen without judgment.  I might ask you to try to work things out with your parents, and I’ll do my best to smooth the waters between you, but you can always come to me with things you can’t tell your folks.  Secrets are safe with me, unless they’re going to hurt you or someone else.  Then all bets are off, and I’ll meddle to my heart’s content.  I might meddle anyway, as long as it’s not going to hurt you to do it.  Gramma’s are good at meddling, it’s just something we do.  But I promise I’ll always have your best interests in my heart, and I’ll try to ask you before I meddle too much. 

Ninth – When life has you down, and you feel like no one understands you, or “gets it”… come to Gramma’s house.  Whether I understand “it” or not, I’ll snuggle you and help you feel better.  Cookies, milk, a warm blankie and an empathetic ear go a long way, honey.  Grammas always have love to spare.

And Tenth – I love you and can’t wait to meet you and hold you for the first time.  You are already special, Little Buddha, and I will make sure you feel like the wonderful, amazing, perfect little person you already are. 

~Love, Gramma

2 thoughts on “Letter to Little Buddha

  1. Love this lol

    I never really had a Grandma, only saw both of them a few times.

    Now, thanks to you – I know what I missed lol

    • Oh, I’m sorry about your Grandmas. My Gran was pretty cool when I was younger, in some ways. She let us play dress up with ALL her stuff (my cousin and I were about the same age and would hang out there together a lot). But as the years went on, she seemed to retreat into her religion more, and it was harder to relate. (She’s Jehovah’s Witness – and not to disparage another religion, but they have a viewpoint that excludes everyone who isn’t of their faith from their “social circle”)

      I want to be the cool, funny, crazy Gramma. And I’m already at least a third of the way there – got Crazy down pat!

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