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Stuff Every Kid Should Learn About When They Get Here – The “B” Words

Onward, Little Buddha, we’ve got a lot of letters to cover, and so little time before you get here!

B – is for BlankieYou will be needing one of these.  I know that there are plenty of them lined up for you to choose from.  Choose wisely, Little Buddha.  Thin, thick, heavy, soft, big or little… these things must all be taken into consideration when choosing one’s favorite scrap of cloth to cling to for comfort.  Don’t mind any of the goofiness that your parents might tell you about “convenience and washability”.  Fooey.  This is going to be your woobie, your blankie, your peace and your bestest good friend for a while.  Pick the one you like best.  Mom and Dad will just have to work around that.  (Psst – just a secret for you!  Mommy still has hers!)

B- is for Bounce.  There’s going to be a lot of this, too.  Babies fall down, often.  You’ll fall, get up, and fall again.  Don’t worry, Little Buddha, Gramma will laugh at the little bounces – so you know you’re ok.  For any big bounces, I’ll have plenty of bandaids and kisses to make it better.  Just remember – be a ball, not a brick.  Bricks don’t bounce very well at all.

Just keep in mind, though, that you can’t bounce very well off chairs, countertops, and roofs (Gramma tried this one when she was little, believe me – it doesn’t work!).

B – is for Bestest Baby.  That’s you, by the way.  Just so you know.  Cause you are.

4 thoughts on “Stuff Every Kid Should Learn About When They Get Here – The “B” Words

  1. Thanks for your Post. It illustrated the beauties and precious things about a baby which I think more people should take the time to recognize and appreciate. Your writing style was great because I could almost picture the voice that goes along with the writing.

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