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C is for….

Continuing the “Stuff Every Kid Should Learn About When They Get Here” theme, we are moving on to the letter “C”.  C’mon, Little Buddha, I can tell you’re getting closer to meeting us, and we’ve got a lot to talk about!

C – is for Cuddles – of course!  You’ll be getting these all the time.  Don’t fight it.  You’ll like them.  Promise! 

C – is for Crazy People.  Yes, there are a lot of these out there.  Some of them – you’re related to.  Don’t worry.  The ones in the family are the “good” kind of crazy.  You’ll figure this out pretty quick, and it can actually be quite fun to hang with the crazy people sometimes.  They will make you laugh, one way or another!  (some people will tell you that your Gramma’s one of them – don’t listen – Gramma’s eccentric, not crazy.)

C – is for Cameras.  You’re gonna have to get used to these too, Little Buddha!  People are gonna be wanting to prove that they’ve been lucky enough to be near you, so they’re going to be snapping your picture all the time.  You – are a super star, and with that, comes the hassle of paparazzi.  Smile, wave, and keep moving.  It’s their job to keep up, not your responsibility to hang back!  Of course, your Gramma’s gonna be taking lots of pictures, too, but those aren’t considered a nuisance.  Those are for posterity, so you can have them when you write your best-selling memoirs!  All of those who weren’t so lucky as to be there while you were growing up will be able to see just how adorable you were – right from the start!  Yer welcome.

C – is for Cookies!  Gramma will always have some of these around, or we can bake them together.  My word on it, Little Buddha, cause grandchildren and cookies go together like… well, like Grandmas and Grandkids.  They just do.

And C is for Cookie Monster, too!  Never mind what they’re saying on that Sesame Street show now, he is now, always has been, and always be the Cookie Monster!  Here are some wise words from him:


5 thoughts on “C is for….

    • 😀 I’ve always loved Cookie Monster, and I think it’s a damnshame what they did to him, sending him to veggie rehab and all. Monsters should be allowed to eat all the cookies they want! S’not like he’s got a weight problem, or bad cholesterol. Sheesh.

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