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D is for….

Darling Little Buddha, you’re making us wait, and forcing us to learn patience in awaiting your arrival.  You don’t have to do that.  Seriously.  Mommy’s ready, Daddy’s ready, Gramma’s more than ready.  Time to stop being shy and come on out to see us all!  But, until you do, I’ll continue to sing you the alphabet song here, where I can explain a few things to you!

D – is for Dog.  Because every kid should have one.  Most loyal companions, and all around fun to have as a bestest good friend, dogs are an essential part of growing up, and Gramma doesn’t think you should be left out.  I think it’s actually a law or something, that every kid has to have a dog… or at least, it should be!  Don’t you worry, Little Buddha, Gramma will make sure that at some point, you will have your very own bestest good furry friend to love and hug and play with.  (Don’t worry about the parents, we’ll use big puppy-dog eyes like this lil guy in the picture and get you one!)

D – is for Dancing.  I know you’re going to love this – you’ve been dancing already, showing us your high-kicks right through Mommy’s tummy!  But there’s not much room in there anymore, and you need more space to show your stuff!  Dancing is so much fun, and you get to jump around and move every part of you to the music.  Music is a big part of life, and you should dance.  Every chance you get.  And don’t pay attention to anyone who says you can’t, or shouldn’t.  If you feel like dancing – let your heart go with the sound, and move.  Dance, baby!  Gramma will even teach you how to waltz, just like your Great-Papa taught me!  Then all the girls will want to dance with you!

D – is for Dirt.  Rubbed in, this makes a fine protective coating for knees and hands.  Don’t listen to Mommy & Daddy when they tell you to “not get dirty”.  There’s no chance they’ll get what they want – kids and dirt are like magnets, strong ones, and they are automatically attracted to one another.  So, if you suddenly look down, and don’t have any idea how that dirt got there?  Don’t worry, it just jumps on you when you’re not looking.  This is normal.

So are baths, and they can be fun, too… don’t give Mom & Dad too hard of a time about them.  Gramma will teach you about “squirty bath toys” – you’ll see!

And last for today, Little Buddha, D – is for Darling Baby.  Even though you’re just as stubborn as the rest of us out here, doesn’t mean you have to hide from us!  Come on out and play – there’s so many, many fun things to do and see out here!  I want to start telling you stories about dirty, dancing dogs and darling little boys who love their Grammas!  Let’s get this show on the road, and cut Mommy some slack, hunh? 




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3 thoughts on “D is for….

  1. My friend Cora had a baby about 2 months ago and I LOVE me some baby time. Both my kids swear they are never having kids so this might be all the baby time I have for a while.

    Has your daughter tried playing hopscotch? It didn’t work for me, but it made me laugh.

    • LMAO! I’ll have to tell her, and get out some sidewalk chalk! She’ll try it, of that I’m sure!
      I can’t WAIT for my baby time. And then, for the time when he’s most crabby, and I can HAND. HIM. BACK. 😉

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