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E is for…

Well, we persevered through the weekend without meeting you, Little Buddha.  I told some friends that either you’re going to be the most patient, calm baby on the planet, due to your taking your time being born now… or you’re going to be the wildest hellion this side of Billy the Kid, and are teaching your Mama patience – the hard way!  Either way, you’re sitting happily where you are, and simply aren’t ready to make your appearance yet… we’ll wait!  But, since you’re not out here, and I am, I’ll continue with our alphabet lessons!

E – is for Extra!   There’s going to be lots of “Extra” for you, Little Buddha!  Extra cuddles, extra love, extra people to take care of you and make sure you get everything you deserve and need.  Extra is above and beyond what you normally get, so you’ll be wrapped up and covered in all the “extra” you’re going to be getting – I know you’ll be totally up for accepting all the wonderful things you’ll be getting in your life.  Because you’re going to have “Extra” inside you too.  Extra smarts, extra drive, and extra love in your heart. 

E – is for Earrings.  You’ll get a good grip on these in short order, I’m sure.  They make really good hand holds when you’re trying to get your face closer to Mommy’s, you know, for snuggles and mushy kisses, of course!  Mommy doesn’t wear too many earrings, but Auntie does, and they dangle and swing from Auntie’s ears, so make sure you get a really good grip or they might just swing out of your reach!  Gramma’s earrings aren’t all that good for gripping, though, so you’ll want to just wait for Gramma to come to you for snuggles and kisses.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get lots!

E is for Expectations.  Everyone will have some of these for you.  Ignore them.  The only expectation your Gramma will have for you is that you Be A Happy You.  No matter who you are, what you decide you want to be when you grow up – I just want you to be happy with whatever you’re doing.  Life is hard enough, kiddo… don’t try to please everyone else in your life at the expense of your own happiness.  It’s a losing battle.  But if you’re happy, everyone else who loves you will be happy for you. 

And – E is for Every Day Til The End of Time.  Cause that’s how long I’ll love you.


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