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F is for….

Another day has passed, Little Buddha, and we’ve come to your Mommy’s birthday!  This is the same day she made her appearance, so are you taking her cue, and going to make your way out to us today?  We’re ready!  But, I’ve got letters to teach you, so let’s get on that, shall we?

F – is for FUN!  There’s going to be so much of this in your life, Little Buddha, you have no idea!  There’s going to be stories, and play time, and puppies, and kitties, and friends and family and oh, so many, many things! 

First, though, you have to come meet us all!  Let’s start the fun today – ok?  Gramma’s waiting, Mommy’s definitely waiting, Daddy’s crazy with waiting… all of us on pins and needles – just for you!  C’mon, Little Buddha, let’s have some fun today!

F – is for Feet.  Feet are funny things, Little Buddha.  Yours will be inspected, cleaned, tickled and be-socked shortly after your birth.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s normal, even if it is annoying!  Just pull back on your little legs, get your muscles all ready, and LET ‘ER FLY with the kicking!  Don’t ever take the foot torture lying down!  Kick like a mule, kick like a football player, kick… well… anyway, don’t take anyone’s guff and nonsense when they try to tickle your feet. 

Oh… and watch your Papa.  He’s terrrrrrible about tickling feet!  You may have to bop him on the head with your bottle once or twice before he gets the idea!  Just warnin’ ya, lil dude!

F – is for First.  You are the first grandchild.  The first grandson.  Mommy’s first baby, and the first of the next generation in our family.  There will be a lot of these for you, but don’t let them intimidate you.  Your family will be here, every step of the way, to help you with these “Firsts” – because even though it’s the first time for you, we have had our own firsts, and can guide you through them. 

Just don’t be hard on us when we make our “first mistake” with you… k?  There’s always got to be a first one…

Now… it would be fabulous, fantastic, and fiercely First-Rate if you would decide to FINALLY make your Face known to us today!  So get out there and start your FIRSTS!  

I want some of THESE to hang on my wall!


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