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G is for…

So now we’re to the letter “G”… hmmm… what starts with “G”?….

think think…thinkthinkthink…

Well, of COURSE! G – is for GRAMMA!

And that would be me.  Gramma’s are special people.  They’re like “Mom-Squared”, in that they’re Mommy’s Mom, so that gives you a double dose of all the fun stuff you get from your Mommy, and only half the bad stuff!  Gramma’s get to take you to the park and the zoo and out shopping for all the funnest, noisiest and messiest toys!  They always have something cool tucked away in their purse for you, and Gramma’s don’t have to follow as many Rules as Mommies do.  This guarantees that you’re gonna have the bestest times with Gramma!  Rules-shmules!  We’ll make the fun wherever we are.  You have my word on that one, Little Buddha!

This ties in very well with G – is for Giggles.  Giggling is one of the best things, ever.  You will giggle when you’re happy, you’ll giggle when you’re “up-to-something”, and you’ll giggle just because it makes other people nervous.  I can’t wait to hear your first giggle, or be the cause of it!  Giggling is healthy, it makes everyone stop and look, just to see what’s so funny – and you’ll get a big kick out of giggling for absolutely no reason, just to make people look.  Then you can giggle at them – just for looking!

And to follow on that line of thinking – G – is for Guessing.  You’ve certainly been good at this already – keeping everyone guessing as to when you’ll actually decide to make your appearance!  My guess is that you’ll be great at the Guessing Game, and keep us all on pins and needles for many years to come, wondering “What’s Next?”  That’s ok, Little Buddha, because wonder and curiosity are two wonderful traits to have.  They will take you far in this world, and show you things you’d never get to see if you just sat around, content as a frog in a pond for your whole life!  Stay curious, and you’ll learn anything you care to take interest in.  Stay wondering, and you’ll always have the desire to learn new things and the wide-open eyes to appreciate them!  Keep the rest of the world guessing, and they’ll never be able to pin you down, preventing you from going where you want to!

G – is a Good letter, Little Buddha, and there are a lot of words that you will learn that will make you Giggle and keep you Guessing… but you’ve got to GET HERE, first.  Ok, ok… I can be a Good Gramma… and wait.


2 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. I wonder what Winnie’s thinking about. Hmm…
    “If I put my head in the honey jar, it gets stuck. Then how do I get the honey out? Where’s that Christopher Robin kid? He’s got tiny hands. Maybe he can get the honey for me? Oh, but then he’ll steal my honey. Spoiled brat!”

    • Oh, I could go on and on in this vein… but YoungerDaughter would smack me, as she’s been a huge Pooh fan her whole life!
      Ok… that didn’t quite sound right in my head when I just read it back to myself… hmm..

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